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Benefits of Angular for Businesses & Web Development Teams

05 Apr 2022

Businesses of today are striving to enhance their digital presence. And, amid intense competition to draw web traffic, there’s a strong urge to offer interactive web and mobile applications. It helps bring the business vision to life, thus satisfying user expectations.

The decision regarding which tools or tech stack you must choose that will offer optimum value for your investment is always a dilemma – we know! From a business point of view, you can’t afford the risk to go wrong and therefore you must go with one of the top 3 most used front-end web frameworks.

And among the most popular front-end frameworks, Angular is making its presence felt across the world as enterprises now realize the agility and powerful capabilities it offers. It offers rich user experiences, fast responsiveness, and code maintainability.

If you’re also someone who wants to learn how with Angular even, you can boost your digital presence then this piece is for you. Here we’ll cover when to use this modern technology, the business benefits offered, the type of application created using Angular and more.

Let’s dive right in!

Angular is a framework of choice for both businesses and development teams. You might know it is one of those frameworks that can work productively with various back-end languages as well as by combining business logic and UI.

Business Benefits of Angular

Let’s look at the significant business advantages of this powerful framework!

Consistency with Reusability

The inconsistency in coding results in increasing the risk of delayed time-to-market. Further, it also escalates development costs while significantly reducing the efficiency of the digital product. And, of course, this is something as an enterprise you couldn’t afford.

Therefore developing mobile & web apps with Angular would ensure consistent code that makes the use of websites much easier while allowing the use of templates or even predefined snippets of code.

You might know that since Angular is a fully responsive web design framework it enhances consistency with optimized Angular CLI tools that are used for making specific repeatable blocks of code from the command line.


With code consistency, one can expect increased productivity. This is because the development teams no longer have to invest time figuring out what utility, function, or component does. After all, it is all taken care of by Angular. Further, the code readability makes it all the easier for development teams to slot efforts into an ongoing app project.

Angular organizes codes into buckets (modules)- they make app functionality simpler by dividing them into features and reusable chunks. This is while allowing for lazy loading that enables feature loading in the background or on-demand.

The framework for building web apps makes it an achievable goal to dissect and segregate the labor across different team members while ensuring organized code, which improves productivity with appropriate modules built.

Why Angular?

Modern businesses require web and mobile apps that can help them cast a wider reach & achieve the growth they desire. The Angular framework delivers just that. Its biggest strengths include its speed, productivity, ease of access & of course the ability to deliver rich experiences across web & mobile interfaces. And, Angular 15 with exciting new features – the most exciting being – 100% Ivy. The development teams can now get rid of the dependency on the view engine for creating cleaner components, amongst other things. This means that it helps with faster compilation & accelerated productivity, something that’s now all possible with the latest version of this framework.

And, while we at Rishabh work on various small- and large-scale projects – our teams utilize Angular prominently along with React, Vue.js and even jQuery. This post is directed toward people who are considering why to use Angular & TypeScript as their choice for frontend development.

Technical Advantages of Angular

Let’s dive into some of the many reasons why Angular stands as a strong contender against the various front-end frameworks available!

  1. Google Support
    One of the many advantages is that it’s backed by Google. The Long-Term Support (LTS) that Google offers, reinforces its belief in the framework and how the tech giant plans on expanding the Angular ecosystem. Another interesting point to note is that Google also builds apps using this powerful framework & is pretty optimistic about its stability.
  2. Declarative UI
    Another point is that Angular utilizes HTML to determine the UI of an app. Unlike JavaScript, HTML is a much lesser complex language. It’s also known for its intuitive and declarative capabilities, posing directives like ng-model, ng-repeat, forms control & ng-app. This means that you no longer need to spend time in program flows & determine what loads first. Once you’ve defined your needs, Angular handles the rest.
  3. TypeScript
    This is simply a superscript for JavaScript that helps with the development of new-age Angular apps. The shift to TypeScript has been to ensure higher security for primitives & interfaces. Additionally, it can easily spot errors & eliminate them early on in the process without writing the code or carrying out maintenance tasks.
  4. PWA and SPA
    A cost-friendly solution, Angular Progressive Web Application (PWA), helps websites look like mobile apps! Its reduced dependency on the network is a major reason why web user experiences are impeccable. Leveraging PWA helps your apps work efficiently & preserves bandwidth wherever possible.
  5. Code Consistency and Easy Testing
    Every codebase depends on well-executed & consistent coding. Inconsistent coding can greatly increase the risks of delayed launches & increased costs. Consistent coding, on the other hand, makes it easier for you to use your website & the provision of templates and pre-defined code snippets serves as a major advantage!

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We can help! Rishabh has all the experience to leverage the business and technical strengths of Angular for creating enterprise-scale applications.

When to Use Angular?

The great thing about Angular is that it can be used for designing apps across an array of environments. The following types of apps will make it easier for you to decide if it makes sense to you.

  • Dynamic web apps: This is where the content and some components are displayed as per user needs as well as the client managing the app.
  • Business-level web apps: With TypeScript at the core, you can now design apps that reuse components & various modules. Additionally, access to a wide range of libraries significantly reduces the time taken on developing apps.
  • Single Page Apps/Progressive Web Apps: If you lean towards minimalist, but highly dynamic apps, Angular is what you need.

Type of Applications and Websites Built with Angular


A simple single-3 supports more than 1.5 billion users daily. It is a single HTML page that renders data on the frontend in real-time as new emails and messages are delivered.

One of the best examples of Angular application – it showcases how to provide great performance even while managing such heavy traffic.


One of the most esteemed global business magazines – it uses Angular to provide visitors with a smart professional outlook with a highly performative and responsive website that supports lots of information, ease of reading & cross-platform usage.


A freelancing platform that connects people to complete a project or conduct business. The web application of UpWork uses Angular to offer & manage features such as in-app calling, payment getaways, and testing. Angular is most certainly the only robust platform that can support its thriving community of over 18 million users and 5 million registered clients.

Listed above were some of the many examples of the popular application that site why to use angular for your businesses.

Rishabh’s Angular Exposure

We have diverse and vast experience to help global businesses. Tailored to specific business needs, we have a proven track record of delivering custom Angular apps that help in meeting end-user expectations.

You can visit our Angular Development Services capability to learn about our unmatched services in the design, development, and integration of custom web applications that can help your business capitalize on its growth. Our team of Angular developers is always at par with the latest development of this front-end framework to deliver on the innovative and leading-edge requirements of our clients.

Here’s a highlight of some of our work:

Case 1: Modernization & Migration of a Hotel Booking System

A south American travel & hospitality solutions provider was in pursuit of modernizing their hotel booking system. It was by offering a smarter user experience & migration of their legacy technology – Silverlight.

Rishabh team utilized Angular to ensure that the new system is scalable, secure, faster & user friendly with a revised booking engine. It offered convenience to the customer and resulted in increasing the profitability of the hotel.

Benefits include;

  • 45% boost in annual revenue
  • 0 duplicate inventory posting with the centralized application management system
  • 20% annual growth reported

Case 2: Front-End Modernization for Legacy Enterprise Application

A US-based Technology Company was in pursuit of modernizing their enterprise application to streamline the business ecosystem workflow. This was along with an upgrade to supporting technology.

Team Rishabh helped increase productivity by connecting the critical business processes between internal & external departments and utilizing Angular to offer superior user experience.

Benefits include;

  • 5x Optimization of System Performance
  • 30% Increase in Operational Efficiency
  • Improved User Experience

Final Words

Angular is a highly usable framework and comes with a range of features that allow the development for a faster turnaround to enable businesses to achieve a high speed to market. And, while the selection of the right tools for any project is critical, the list to choose the right web frameworks is huge.

It is therefore easy to see why so many developers and companies are choosing Angular. With a vast ecosystem, tons of ready-made components make scaling any project easy. And hence making it a great choice for creating enterprise-scale applications. What’s more, TypeScript helps reduce the burden of debugging, with the most common errors being flagged during the development phase.

If you ever struggle with the choice of selecting the right framework of choice for rapid development, we can help.

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