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Benefits of Angular Framework To Develop Modern Applications

21 Jan 2019

Companies today are targeting applications for the “mobile-first” world that work across platforms. It is the central approach for the development project of any web or mobile apps while reaching out to target customers. This shift has indeed translated in the change of strategy for front–end development. In line with this, there exist many platforms for web development today. The plan is to pick the right one.


Angular for web development was introduced in 2009, termed as the next big thing for web applications. It is a robust JavaScript framework that was designed and developed to simplify front-end development.


Angular development makes it possible to synchronize data extremely efficiently, automatically. It is with a little effort. Towards this, our article aims to discuss the core benefits on why Angular is better for your next project as it offers long-term benefit in the field of application development.


Angular JS helps developers to create architecture level applications. Packed with numerous frameworks and plugins well suited for both designers and developers. Applications developed using the latest Angular 7 are responsive across platforms – desktop, mobile, and tablet.

5 Reasons Why You Must Choose Angular For Web Development:

Here’s why developers and companies choose Angular over other tools available:

  1. Smoother Navigation For The Visitor – AngularJS uses a simplified MVC structure for development that decreases the page load time. It is one of the prime reasons why developers and companies choose Angular. As it ensures swift development by eradicating the need for unnecessary code. Even the app code gets managed by directives. They provide the creation of lighter and faster apps. Every successful millisecond improvement in the page loading speed delivers a significant increase in revenue for the organizations.
  2. An Extensible And Modular Platform – AngularJS enables the creation of multiple modules for a single application. It is where each module depends on the other. As one of the benefits of Angular framework, it identifies the need for an extra module. Thus, it can be combined with other modules for the successful execution of the application. It is among the many other reasons why businesses choose Angular 7.
  3. Lesser Codes – Angular for application development offers a declarative framework. It provides a better understanding of how the application operates before its execution, allowing optimization of application. For example by automatically eliminating the useless code. With Angular 7.1, simplification of the code is possible. Even the MVC architecture does not require complicated lines of codes to implement the data models.
  4. Efficient Compilation With TypeScript – TypeScript language, a superscript for JavaScript, ensures the creation of Angular applications. It offers high security as it supports types (primitives, interfaces, and more.). And, further helps catch and eliminate errors in the early phases while writing the codes or performing maintenance tasks. TypeScript allows two compilation modes: EcmaScript 3 (IE6 compatibility) and EcmaScript 5 (IE9 compatibility). Angular, thus, benefit from the rigor and flexibility of the TypeScript language. TypeScript offers improved navigation, autocompletion and refactoring services.
  5. Component-based Architecture – The Angular application has a component-based architecture. Each component has a precise specification and has a behavior independent of its environment. You can distribute the design of the components within the development team, And if an element does not match its specifications, it becomes easy to replace it.

Other Reasons Why Use Angular Over Other Frameworks

  • A complete framework with elegant architecture
  • Extensive documentation that allows developers to find all the necessary information quickly
  • A large community, which always allows query resolution in case of blockage
  • Constant and regular improvements

As listed above, Angular is an excellent choice for creating complex and varied visual elements. We, at Rishabh Software, have a diverse and vast experience in helping businesses develop applications by leveraging advantages of Angular framework, across versions. So, if you are wondering why Angular is better for your web development requirements, feel free to connect with us. Our unmatched services in the design, development, and integration of custom web applications or new web services can help your business capitalize on growth.

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