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Microsoft Azure Application Development For Enterprises

Organizations across the world are realizing the impact the Cloud can create, not just on their business, but to serve customers, partners and employees better. It’s helping companies navigate the uncertainty by addressing four key issues: improved business agility, expansion of revenue sources, support for remote application development & reduction in IT costs.

Cloud Agnostic vs Cloud Native: Which Way Forward?

With the ever-changing digital space, we are witnessing an uptake of cloud technology. And, depending on the size of your organization it is vital to choose the right platform & architecture that would drive growth.

Why & How To Migrate Legacy Applications To Cloud

Amid the rapid change in user demands, organizations are on the lookout for new ways to scale up and get ahead of competitors. A popular and efficient approach to do just this is the reengineering of legacy systems in the cloud environment. Rishabh Software helps modernize legacy applications onto a modern infrastructure while preserving business value and increasing agility.

Cloud Managed Services: How To Find The Right Fit

Cloud has emerged as a powerful technology disruptor that is constantly changing and challenging the IT landscape. It is compelling companies to adapt to the innovative paradigm or run the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Cloud Deployment Models – Which One is Right for Your Organization

Today, organizations have plenty of exciting opportunities to reimagine, repurpose and reinvent their businesses with the cloud. The last decade has seen even more businesses rely on it for quicker time to market, better efficiency, and scalability. It helps them achieve long-term digital goals as part of their digital strategy.

Cloud Adoption in Insurance Industry: Why It Is Necessary

While 2020 was not the year that anyone had anticipated, yet it undoubtedly accelerated the pace of digital transformation. It compelled organizations from diverse industries to strongly consider moving to the cloud. And, the insurance business as part of the financial services vertical were no different.

Cloud Adoption In Financial Services – Key Drivers, Challenges And Use Cases

The growing regulatory demand for enhanced transparency, rising capital requirements and increasing focus on customer experience have compelled the financial services industry to turn to the cloud. Additionally, companies from the financial services space face increased shareholder pressure for higher margins and faster growth. Cloud is emerging as the fundamental element for this digital transformation. Hence, many banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) are employing it as a business strategy. It helps transform their business models, offerings, services & customer experience.

Why Use A Multi-Cloud Strategy For Your Business?

Today, healthcare organizations manage various repetitive tasks and manual integrations to optimize appointment scheduling, digitize patient documentation and accelerate claims processing. With the increasing needs of new-age patients, organizations must consider the digital transformation route to drive growth and efficiency.

Why Cloud Computing In Banking Industry?

Forward-thinking banks and finance companies are harnessing the speed & accuracy of analytics to monetize this data! Are you leveraging your transaction data to drive profits? If not, this read is for you where you discover;

Role Of Cloud Computing In Healthcare Sector

In the healthcare industry, lots of data is created regularly. The need of the hour is to make this data remotely, securely accessible for providers and patients. Cloud computing in healthcare enables institutions to break free from limitations while offering better patient outcomes.

Cloud Application Security Checklist And Best Practices

Application security is a critical component of any cloud ecosystem. It enables enterprises to become more agile while eliminating security risks. Rishabh Software helps global organizations by adopting the cloud application security best practices, paired with the right kind of technology that helps minimize the vulnerability gap with visibility and control.

Custom Digital Learning Solution For Education Industry [Case Study]

E-learning today is undergoing a significant transformation. The new-age cloud-based learning platforms offer edge over traditional education methodologies. They provide greater convenience to students and teachers.

Private Vs Public Cloud: Comparing The Features And Benefits

Cloud Computing is an integral part of businesses today. Private Cloud and Public Cloud are two popular categories of this transformative network-computing model.