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Private Cloud vs Public Cloud: Which is Right  for Your Business?

Choosing a public or private cloud depends on several variables, including an organization's unique requirements, budget considerations and desired level of control. In this blog, we shall discuss private cloud vs public cloud in detail along with its benefits, and a thorough comparison to help you make an informed decision for your organization.

Cloud Deployment Models – Which One is Right for Your Organization

In this blog, we’ll walk you through different types of cloud deployment models and how to make the right choice. We will also discuss the benefits and how to achieve success with the right cloud deployment strategy.

Legacy Application Migration to Cloud: Your Essential Guide to 6-Step Process

This informative piece of content will walk you through why your business needs legacy application migration to cloud, how to migrate to the cloud successfully, and how to overcome critical challenges. So, let’s begin!

Multi-Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: Which One You Should Choose and Why

So, let’s compare multi-cloud vs hybrid cloud and understand why you should choose one over the other. The blog explores the pros and cons of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud models and the use cases for each. Let’s get started.

Lift and Shift Cloud Migration: Inexpensive Strategy to Migrate from On-premises to Cloud

This blog will explore the essentials of the lift and shift strategy when it makes the most sense, its business benefits, and practical use cases. We’ll also take a deeper look at how the lift and shift cloud migration approach fares against other methods and how Rishabh Software can help you transition to the cloud seamlessly.

Cloud Application Security Best Practices for 2023

This blog explores cloud application security importance, common threats, solutions, and how we can lend a helping hand by adopting cloud application security best practices. We will also walk you through a Cloud application security checklist to ensure you take the right steps toward a secured cloud-first organization. So, let's dive in.

Enterprise Cloud Adoption Strategy for Seamless Migration to Cloud

This blog will explore the concept of enterprise cloud adoption strategy, why businesses need it, the approaches and elements of a cloud strategy, steps to create one, and the challenges and tips of cloud adoption in 2023.

Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture: Which One is Right For Enterprises?

What do Netflix, Uber, Danske Bank & Facebook have in common? They all started with monolithic architecture and pivoted to microservices. Choosing monolithic vs microservices architecture is a common dilemma when an enterprise begins to build a software system. Monolithic – the traditional approach to software development is often faster to develop and deploy, while microservices...

Azure Best Practices To Follow In 2023

So, whether you're a seasoned Azure professional or just beginning your cloud journey, we’ll equip you with the essential Azure best practices with this blog. It helps maximize performance, security & cost optimization. So, let’s get started!

Essential Steps to Migrate to Cloud in 2023

In this blog post, we will outline the essential steps involved in successful cloud migration & don’t miss the checklist to help you make the most of your cloud journey.

Cloud Data Modernization in 2023: Why and How

In this blog, we will explore the concept of data modernization and the role of the cloud in data modernization with the benefits of implementing a successful modernization strategy. We will also discuss some best practices for organizations starting their data modernization journey.

Serverless Computing: A Detailed Guide

In this blog post, we'll explore the concept of serverless computing, why you need it, its benefits when to use it with use cases, and more.

11 Cloud Cost Optimization Best Practices For 2023

This blog will explore the best practices (strategies) that can help you optimize your cloud costs without compromising performance or functionality.