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Front-End Modernization For Legacy Enterprise Application [Case Study]

09 Sep 2020

User experience is the most significant focus for organizations in the present day and age. And, it has been improving exponentially with the emergence of new devices and technologies.

And, with Microsoft announcing the end of support for one of its pioneer front-end technologies – Silverlight, we are witnessing enterprises are looking to migrate their solution to robust and highly sustainable technologies, like Angular and more.

Learn how Rishabh Software helped a US-based IT company to become more agile and efficient by transforming their legacy application with the power of new technologies.

Project Overview

Our client provides end-to-end information management solutions and services to governments & schools with industry-leading technology. Their existing platform was developed using Silverlight and had significant performance issues. As part of their digital transformation strategy, they were seeking front-end technology up-gradation & enterprise application modernization. It would help streamline business workflow and increase productivity.

The solution would:

  • Migrate existing system to the cutting-edge Angular technology
  • Include advanced features and customized existing ones to meet end-user requirements better and enhance the experience with faster application performance.


  • Limited/no cross-platform support with a static UI across a range of devices
  • Lack of support from Microsoft for legacy Silverlight technology
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership with migration to a modern front end technology based on complexity
  • Difficulty in understanding and mapping existing features from Silverlight to Angular migration with troubleshooting

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Our Solution

Our team evaluated various frameworks and chose – Angular, a robust and highly sustainable technology to centrally connect critical processes, streamline enterprise workflow and increase productivity.


With an agile methodology, we thoroughly analyzed the existing application architecture. We even reviewed a new business framework defined by the client team. They retained the current business logic, formula & workflows in new applications with enhanced user experience.

Legacy Front-end App Modernization

Our expert team executed the front end modernization & migration strategies and automated administration process by accelerating the business license review, approval, issuance, and renewal processes for community growth.

  • Developed generic reusable components and leveraged NuGet packages to integrate various applications
  • Enhanced the platform by integrating with Twilio to facilitate group video calling, chat, screen sharing features and more
  • Migration of all existing reports from crystal to SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) reports
  • Offered multi-lingual support – English & Spanish

Business Benefits After The App Modernization

  • 5x increase in system performance
  • 30% increase in operational efficiency with seamless UX
  • Better user experience with a minimalistic navigation structure
  • Unified workflow system helped automate & connect critical processes between agencies and departments
  • Enhanced system modularity, scalability and security for cities with 15,000 residents to counties with 400,000

To conclude, with legacy system modernization, Rishabh Software delivered the robust, optimum and adequate solution within the stipulated timeframe.

Today, the modernized system helps automate and connect critical business processes between agencies and departments with higher efficiency.

Customer Profile

A UK-based IT Company

Technology and Tools

  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • ASP.NET Core
  • C#
  • SQL Server

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