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Enterprise App Development Services

As an enterprise app development company, we help you design, develop & modernizing your mobile applications while supporting you to maintain them over time.

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Enterprise app development services to build functional apps that are accessible anytime, anywhere!

Our app development covers the creation of tailor-made applications for your specific business needs.

We have experience in offering mobile app development across devices and platforms, with secure application integration. Right from basic employee apps to complex customer-facing apps. As an enterprise application development company, we have helped organizations from retail, media & entertainment, healthcare, fintech & more. Some of our interesting projects include – mobile wallets, workforce management & collaboration, kiosk applications & more.

We design and build custom enterprise mobile applications from the ground up by implementing your business’s unique requirements. We support you to streamline workflows, facilitate employee productivity, and enhance your end-customer experience.

Our skilled developers apply coding best practices to develop mobile solutions for both Apple and Android platforms. They utilize Java, C#, Python, Dart, Swift, and Objective-C for delivering feature-rich apps with a robust backend and a compelling UI. And, they have hands-on experience with cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native. We can help you build IoT apps (Internet of Things) with Python & Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with Angular and more.

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Services We Offer

Mobile Enablement

Mobile Enablement

We enable you to adopt a mobile-first approach by migrating your existing business applications to the platform of choice. In addition to development, we also support code refactoring to enhance the code quality for your mobile applications. This would include conducting code clean-ups, focusing on improving their readability or adding appropriate variable names. Our team redevelops or replaces your obsolete apps while retaining their core functionalities. We help you navigate the app listing process for Apple & Google app stores. Our developers help you integrate the backend data to enable a unified experience with scalability.

  • Design & Development to oversee the process of new app designs
  • Deployment support to release your app in sync with user & industry needs
  • Re-engineering & Migration to improve your app’s performance, scalability & security

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

We provide technical consulting services to build cross-platform mobile apps with a single code base that offers a native-like experience. And, we use Xamarin, Flutter & React Native to create feature-rich applications that load faster & run flawlessly across devices. Our developers help you build mobile applications that are compatible with Android &  iOS. They have in-depth experience of migrating app data & features from one platform to another.

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  • Xamarin to build modern and performant applications for iOS, Android, and Windows with .NET
  • Flutter UI SDK to develop cross-platform applications from a single codebase
  • React Native to build apps that are fast with a responsive user interface, while significantly reducing load time

Native App Development

Native App Development

As an experienced enterprise app development services provider, we design & develop your native mobile application. They offer smooth navigation, high performance & enhanced responsiveness. Our team applies modern design best practices to enhance user experience. Our developers are well-versed in platform-specific guidelines for developing apps. With this, we can access & configure the native features of Android & iOS. Such as –   Haptic, NFC, beacon technology, multitasking, geo-location, social media APIs, push notifications and more.

Enterprise App Testing

Enterprise App Testing

We provide comprehensive enterprise mobile app testing services for large-scale enterprises. Our team prepares user stories while developing and running test cases to ensure each functional requirement is met. Then, we prioritize the test cases to facilitate the found defects’ re-testing and future regression testing. We perform compatibility testing to validate application performance within its target environment. It includes devices, platforms, browsers and network requirements. We can simplify the app deployment by validating the newly introduced features by focusing on uninterrupted system functioning.

  • Automated Testing to validate that your app is working optimally & meets all requirements
  • Platform Testing to ensure app portability across operating systems, browsers & environments
  • Functional Testing to validate the app against all functional specifications
  • UI Testing to confirm that all labels, buttons, fields, and other items work as expected

App Support & Maintenance

App Support & Maintenance

We aim to ensure that your mobile apps are fully functional and relevant to the needs of your employees, customers & stakeholders. As your trusted enterprise app development partner, we perform periodic performance monitoring & review, version upgrade, and technical troubleshooting. We continue to support your application for further enhancements. Our team supports you to optimize your app in addition to ongoing maintenance. It is based on the growing user base & evolving market trends.

  • Performance Optimization to improve your app’s capabilities, response time, and server performance
  • Version Upgrade to ensure the smooth running of the app by updating platform, API, accessibility coding
  • App Monitoring to ensure that your enterprise app is functioning well and offers a seamless UX

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Want to build an app that streamlines operations & makes your business workflows more efficient?


Why choose us as your enterprise app development company

We make sure your mobile app is built and aligned with your business vision & priorities. Whether you want a native iOS, or Android app or cross-platform solutions, we can help you. Our enterprise app development services coupled with agile processes ensure we deliver within the project timeline.

Develop robust enterprise apps with Rishabhsoft
Right User Experience

Right User Experience

Our UI/UX designers have the know-how of various screens size, resolution, processing speed & other mobile-specific factors to enable seamless user experience.
Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Our team is well-versed in delivering high-end mobile app solutions by utilizing latest frameworks, APIs, platforms, and related technologies.
Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers

We’ve 9/10 repeat customer ratio that is a testimony of Rishabh’s knowledge, technical skills & processes which is why our clients keep coming back for more.
Clickable Prototype

Clickable Prototype

We develop a clickable prototype (proof to concept) to validate your thought process to align your specific idea and that is not heavy on the budget.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do enterprise mobile applications improve organizational performance?

    Regardless of internal or external use, enterprise apps enhance improvement in organizational performance. By developing the custom application, the enterprises can optimize their sales operations, improve communication, and improve their work processes.

    Listed below are some of how mobile application integration can enable transformation in the organization from almost every industry;

    • Removing office barriers to increase productivity, improve morale, and save the organization time and money.
    • Create tailored experience
    • Offers greater insights and analytics into workforce performance
    Why should one go with Rishabh Software for development over others?

    As a custom enterprise app development company, we have gained the trust of our global clients by going beyond the brief.

    Here are a few reasons why choose us as a tech partner for your next project;

    • Access to a pool of talented developers, designers and testers
    • Expertise in creating an intuitive, fully- functional and visually engaging interface
    • Flexible engagement models with an Agile methodology
    • Attention to minute details
    • On-time project delivery

    If you also have big ideas but are finding it difficult to solve them on your own and need assistance, reach out to us today.

    How do you make sure you build what I want, and don’t get it wrong?

    You won’t get a cookie-cutter app when partnering with Rishabh Software. We’re focused entirely on your company and its unique needs by going the extra mile to fully grasp your idea and make sure we know what users want. It comprises understanding your business while starting the project and scoping out the requirements in detail. Further, we need to prove how well we understood your project goals. It often translates into the creation of detailed requirement specifications, with supportive wireframes. All of this before we design or write a line of code.

    Will I own the source code?

    Yes, in almost all projects we work on – the appropriate copyright or license rights for the bespoke code that we write are handed over formally. As the founding philosophy of the organization, we are transparent with intellectual property rights. And, before any project commences, you’ll have the opportunity to review our code ownership terms.

    What kind of support will I receive throughout the development process?

    Our team works with you throughout the development process and at every stage. We assign a dedicated project manager who acts as a primary point of contact –  whether you wish to track the progress, want improvement in functionality, track milestones and resolve any issues (development and more) within a very short time to make project progress as per schedule. Our transparency in communication protocols and proactive approach ensures we establish trust with our clients.

    How do you keep my app and data secure?

    We understand security is crucial for you. Listed below are high-level standard processes we follow;

    • We sign an NDA before the start of a project.
    • Disable access to your enterprise app’s content providers
    • Deploy certain network security measures
    • High-level workplace security with real-time environmental monitoring.
    Do you also work with existing designs for apps?

    Mostly, yes. As a team, we’re flexible though we prefer creating our design elements – it allows delivering the best quality graphics and ensures consistency. Further, if your existing designs are strong enough and our design specialists are also confident, then yes, in all likelihood we’ll work with them. And, in a scenario, if the said designs are not compatible, our teams with complete transparency will recommend recreation of the same as per the need of the application.

    What are the advantages of enterprise app development?

    The main reason for developing an enterprise app is the improvement in operational efficiency it brings to your business with:

    • Unification of secure & qualitative data
    • Improvement in management & sharing of data
    • Automation of workflows
    • Accurate reporting
    • Optimization of business process
    • Higher scalability
    • Seamless integration