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Microsoft Power Apps Benefits & Use Cases

07 Oct 2021

Every progressive, fast-growing enterprise often runs into challenges that don’t have predefined solutions. Maybe it’s a glitch in how two departments collaborate, unwanted delays in business processes due to disparate data sources, or operational inefficiencies due to humongous paperwork. Trying to streamline workflows and processes with existing data and systems can be downright overwhelming, tedious & challenging.

Digital transformation is the key to solving such complex problems and Microsoft Power Platform is driving this revolution with its technology suite of services. Power Apps is one of the most popular and preferred products of the suite. It might interest you to know that PowerApps has been recognized by Forrester as a leader in low-code development platforms and rated the strongest on strategy.

Read on to know what is it and how it is empowering businesses to be more productive & profitable.

What is Microsoft Power Apps?

Microsoft Power Apps is a cloud-based, low-code development platform that provides a fully loaded environment for developing and deploying secure & scalable business solutions swiftly & cost-effectively. These custom apps can seamlessly connect with your existing data sources such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, SQL, and others via the CDS (common data service) platform to streamline routine workflows and enhance business efficiency. Moreover, Power Apps can capture key business processes to automate user-defined workflows and accelerate operations so you can stay focused on your clients, strategies, and business logic.

Types of Power Apps for Your Specific Development Needs

Canvas Apps
Ideal for businesses that want to work from a blank canvas. Developers can start with your existing data source, add workflows, and then design a custom app that offers more flexibility as compared to model-driven apps.

Model-Driven Apps
With these apps, the layout is essentially governed by the connected data sources and depends on the information you feed into the app. This approach is highly recommended for developing apps that require complex business logic.

Web Portals
Suitable for building websites that can be accessed both internally & externally, enabling end-users to connect securely with all the data stored in the CDS.

What does PowerApps do?

Microsoft Power Apps integrates a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality for quick and easy deployments. It enables businesses to:

  • Develop low-code apps using prebuilt templates
  • Use canvas & model-driven scenarios to develop apps specific to tasks & roles
  • Leverage a wide range of advanced development functionalities
  • Build immersive native apps that are customized to solve unique business challenges and run seamlessly across devices
  • Rapidly develop low-code websites for external stakeholders by integration Power BI reports & visualization dashboards
  • Extend Power Apps with 200+ connectors that seamlessly integrate with various online & on-premise data sources
  • Boost workflow capabilities & automate business processes

Whatever goal your team wants to achieve, we can build a custom app with Power Apps to do it all!

How Power Apps is Driving Business Transformation

Here’s how businesses across the globe are using Power Apps to increase overall efficiency while cutting down on development costs:

  • 188% increase in ROI over 3 years
  • 74% drop in app development costs
  • 3.2 hours/week avg. improvement in productivity

Source: Total Economic Impact Study by Forrester Consulting

Benefits of Power Apps

Being a low-code development environment, Power Apps promotes rapid designing, development, and deployment of custom apps. Enterprises can build a wide range of essential business solutions from simple, user-friendly data management tools to complex integrated systems. This all-embracing platform also reduces development costs as a single app runs seamlessly for all mobile and web clients. Listed below are the major PowerApps benefits for businesses:

  • Rapid & reliable app development
  • Seamless integration with Office 365 tools
  • Effortless automation & smart workflows with Microsoft Flow
  • Universally compatible UI
  • 200+ connectors to integrate various systems & data sources
  • Scalable & secure Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure
  • Highly efficient & optimized app development process
  • Complete control on app’s security, compliance & usage
  • Offline working capabilities
  • Multilingual support
  • Powerful data storage & management technology
  • Uninterrupted hybrid connectivity with on-premises systems with Data Gateway
  • Flexibility to use internal & external data sources in a single application for business processes that span across disparate systems

If you’re using Office 365, then you already have Power Apps at your disposal! Partnering with us helps you unlock its full potential by building custom digital solutions that fire up the productivity & performance levels of your business.

And if you’re not using Office 365, we can help you deploy it in your organization and make the most of its technologies and capabilities including Power Apps.

Want To Build Modern Business Apps Faster?

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10 Microsoft Power Apps Use Cases

Use Cases of Power Apps

Following are a few of the many use cases for Power Apps that highlight the suite’s usefulness to businesses that want to solve specific challenges and boost business efficiency. And, an experienced Power Apps development company, Rishabh Software enables SMEs to build such custom Power Apps solutions within just a few weeks!

Announcements & Communication

  • Publish important information & news to clients
  • Release enterprise-wide communications for employees
  • Circulate product catalogs on different platforms
  • Broadcast all internal & external company announcements

Asset Management

  • Manage inventory and other assets
  • Supply order management
  • Asset check-out
  • Asset rollout

Reviews & Inspections

  • Capture images of products and other inventory on mobile cameras
  • Collect data via Smartphone GPS tracking
  • Store the data recorded within SharePoint or data service layer

Event Management

  • Planning, scheduling, registrations, and management of events
  • Attendance management
  • Bios of attendees


  • Allocate resources based on the calendar
  • Book a conference room, vehicle, or equipment
  • Track & connect with an available sales rep.
  • Schedule client meetings with the relevant staff

Employee Onboarding

  • Facilitate communication between human resources & new employees
  • Include links to company policies & contact information of team members
  • Forms for completing internal profiles of new employees

Leave Management

  • Allow employees to generate leave requests for approval from managers
  • Enable managers to approve leave requests in a centralized view
  • Real-time tracking of leave status
  • Easy viewing of leave balance from a mobile app

Return to Workplace

  • Allow employees to book office slots
  • Management of visitors
  • Facilitate employee safety with safety gear detection, social distancing, health checks & contact tracing
  • Track employee attendance

Field Service

  • Enable real-time communication
  • Facilitate easy access to dispatch timings & detailed scheduling
  • Capture images & daily status updates
  • Remote access to relevant documents
  • Real-time tracking of customer correspondence history
  • Add task notes that update automatically
  • Input task notes in the system that automatically update against customer records

Expense Approvals

  • Record & review expense claims
  • Approve or decline claims
  • Directly upload the images of receipts
  • Track & manage pending claims
  • View expense history in real-time

Our Microsoft-certified developers are efficient across Power Platform & Dynamics 365 implementations. Having built several custom apps that solve real-world business problems for enterprises globally, we now want to help you, help your customers! Our core competencies include:

  • Custom business apps
  • Portals & embedded Apps
  • Model-Driven apps
  • Canvas apps
  • UI and UX modernization

Why Choose Rishabh as Your Consulting & Development Partner

Why Rishabh for Microsoft Power Apps Development

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