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Use Cases & Benefits of Microsoft Power Platform

14 Sep 2021

Digital transformation is a key imperative for continually growing organizations that are looking to leverage the power of data to drive success. And, to revitalize their IT operations, Microsoft Power Platform Suite is a phenomenal platform. It democratizes IT and drives accountability across all business units.

The low code platform helps revolutionize the Business Process Automation (BPA) capability to accelerate, empower and transform processes and related outcomes. It is by enabling the creation of apps, workflows, reports, data visualizations, and chatbots.

If you’re looking to learn the importance of how to digitally transform your day-to-day business processes and operations then you must first explore how companies across the world can get the most out of their investments using the Microsoft Power Platform.

So, let’s get started!

Microsoft Power Platform Use Cases

Let’s look at practical use cases of Power Platform across some of the popular industries to save a tremendous amount of time, effort & money.

Financial Services Sector - Achieving Operational Excellence

Financial Services Use Cases of Power Platform

Business Card Scanning:

  • Traditionally, the gathered information needed manual assistance to be fed into the CRM module of D365 or other tools by using a third-party app to scan the card details and further track them.
  • Power Apps, with camera control support and Vision API, helps scan the business cards by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to translate the elements in the text and include them in the CRM contact list.

Meeting Summary & Notes Capture:

  • Banks and other firms use Power Apps to create an app that shows users which meetings they’re involved in and enables them to capture meeting notes and create follow-up actions – all within the same module.
  • Further with Microsoft 365, the organization can even get a concise summary of the company’s background and meeting attendees.

Automation of Manual Processes:

  • To save time and effort, the firms rely on Power Apps to create digital forms that clients can fill out via pad or another mobile device.
  • The filled-out form information can be automatically updated within the central database by Power Automate.
  • It can be securely stored, accessed, and updated as needed as it eliminates dependency on clunky legacy systems.

For example, one of Rishabh’s clients recently replaced their paper-based preferences system and customer profile form with our Power Automate services. Using this app, the client can automate user creation with category listing and application of contact type to the list. Now they can repeatedly go back to the live data and update it at any time.

Automotive Sector - Accelerating the Future

Power Platform Use Cases for Automotive Sector

Increased Organizational Productivity:

  • In a post-accident claim scenario, the Power Apps facilitates the creation of a mobile-first platform with a secure sign-in to submit all the data that can be submitted.
  • It comprises required fields along with the details of the incident and images of the damage caused for quick online assessment.

Resilient Operations:

  • Data mining through the local car garages helps get more information on claims and related images to raise a request for a quote (RFQ).
  • On receiving the request, the garages submit a quote for repairs using a custom Canvas App supported by Power Automate.

Seamless Mobility Across the Board:

  • Power Automate triggers an automated email through Office 365 for claims processing with specifics on the repair work quotes.
  • The approval on quotes via a confirmation email is sent to the selected garage and policyholders to facilitate the completion of repairs.

Accelerated Innovation:

  • The detailed status report is uploaded on the Canvas App. An instant push notification is sent to the insurer and the policyholder.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Power automate triggers a survey to record customer experience and feedback on both the claims process and garage repairs, enhancing customer service and satisfaction levels.
  • Finally, Power BI can generate granular reports on CX and provide detailed insights on the volume of claims processed, costs incurred, the extent of damage, model of the vehicle, garage satisfaction rating, and so on.

Healthcare Sector - Enhancing Data Management & Mitigating Risk

Power Platform Use Cases for Healthcare Sector

While dealing with a titanic amount of sensitive data – from medical records to compliance reports and key performance metrics to patient reports; the industry demands access to this information in real-time. Microsoft Power Platform helps streamline & speed up these challenging tasks by automating data collection, generating reports, and securely storing all the confidential data while offering the following benefits.

Centralized Communication:
Leveraging Microsoft’s Common Data Services (CDS) alongside Power Apps allows medical staff to access medical records from Outlook, One Drive, Excel sheets, Dynamics 365, SharePoint & many more. This ease of access enables care providers to share vital data anytime, anywhere.

Increased Operational Efficiency:
Using Power Apps, several tasks right from patient onboarding to online registrations and clinical handovers to payment processing can be automated.

Complete Control on Compliance & Security:
Following the rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and with Microsoft’s Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS), Power Apps ensures authentication and enforces authorization for all the connected apps.

Real-time Data Visualization:
Power BI-based solutions can be used to gain valuable insights to get visibility on the number of available beds to the supplies needed over one centralized location to enable the right decision-making.

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Business Benefits of Power Platform

There are several Power Platform benefits that businesses enjoy when they fully embrace this suite of powerful tools to optimize their business processes.

Here are a few significant ones:

Manage business processes over a single platform:

  • The enterprise-grade platform helps manage all kinds of information with a unified dashboard while using multiple, disparate tools for generating data.

Reduces third-party tool dependency:

  • The suite consolidates powerful analytics, design, development, and automation tools – all in one to enable you to make the most of your business subscription.
  • Eliminates the need for separate software licensing and maintenance for tools that are part of the list, which further eases the stress from your IT staff

Seamless work process management across devices:

  • The software modules can be used individually or as a team on any desktop, tablet & more as per your needs.
  • This allows easy connection with the remote team members and management of organizational data. Additionally, all the apps can also leverage native device capabilities like GPS and camera as per the business requirement.

Seamless Microsoft 365 integration:

  • Depending on the needs and preferences, the data collected can be used within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
  • It can be managed using SharePoint, Excel, or any other app depending upon the needs and preferences. This simplifies everyday business processes and tasks while seamlessly managing enterprise data.

Why Choose Power Platform Implementation For Projects

Surprisingly, CTOs & CIOs are still grappling with the question of whether to buy or build. But the prevailing buzzword is to configure and not customize. This is to avoid the huge capital cost that comes with custom low code solutions. Recently, we wrote about how it can help to streamline development for building applications & processes.

Automating business processes can create a huge difference to an organization’s productivity and efficiency levels. Therefore, businesses are moving to low-code development platforms that ensure continuous innovation without having to rebuild or replace it.

Key estimates from Microsoft Build 2020 on Power Platform;

  • 5 million active developers
  • 500+ enterprises with 97% of Fortune 500 companies are harnessing the full potential of this platform

The last thing a business wants is to build apps that are not in sync with its digital transformation strategy. However, without leveraging the capabilities of the Power Platform, businesses are missing out on a massive ROI from their investment in Microsoft 365.

Rishabh is a partner of choice for tech-driven companies across the globe. With our power platform consulting services, we offer development, support & maintenance support for Microsoft products. It helps organizations to leverage maximum value from their investment while growing their business. From a simple custom Power App to a full-scale bot implementation, our proficient team can add value to your projects by saving your time, effort, and money on license costs.

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