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Online Exam Software Development To Simplify Evaluation Process

22 Apr 2020

An online exam management system helps simplify and automate the evaluation process. It assists institutions in assessing the aptitude and knowledge of the students remotely. Rishabh Software offers custom software solutions to manage end-to-end online examination processes.


Every year millions of students from across the world appear for various highly competitive examinations to pursue their career goals.


Today, educational institutions use online examination systems to administer and conduct such large-scale examinations. They help facilitate seamless coordination of various aspects, from registration, creating an exam and candidate verification, and metric-based ranking.


Read on to learn how our robust solutions enable organizations to help conduct a simplified and secure examination at scale.

Flexible Features To Address All Kinds Of Assessment Needs:

An online test software helps:

  1. Reach & handle a large candidate pool with no geographical limits
  2. Save logistics costs significantly compared to the traditional examination process

We help universities, corporates, training institutes, and other domains with the solution to be deployed on Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid models to organize and manage tests, like:

  • Entrance Exam,
  • Survey & Quiz,
  • Semester Examination,
  • Field Specific Assessment, and more


Besides, our end-to-end online test system supports conducting remote supervision, onscreen evaluation, performance analysis, and more.

Online Exam Solution

Handle Online Tests Easily

From candidate registration to processing results, we help you cover the entire process of conducting exams using our advanced software solutions.

Here is an overview of our capability for developing custom online exam system software modules.

Exam Management

Online Exam Management
  • Create and conduct a variety of exam modules as per the course requirement
  • Customize the question types with the bulk upload options, including multiple-choice, fill in the blanks, and more
  • Defining exam rules, timing, dates, with enabling multi-language support, and more

Candidate Management

Candidate Management
  • Import/export of candidate records
  • Send e-hall tickets, and text/email alerts to registered applicants
  • Grouping of aspirants based on categories and assign tests accordingly
  • Enable the option to conduct online tests (using computer/mobile/tablet)
  • Audit onscreen sessions to assess the candidate’s performance during the exam


Additionally, the online examination software covers elements, such as custom email templates, exam questions templates, secure multi-payment gateways, and more.

Remote Monitoring & Validation

Remote Monitoring & Validation
  • Approve/reject candidates using a defined verification process
  • Use automated monitoring with live streaming
  • Enable human proctoring if required through webcam, microphones, live chat, and other options
  • Single-click option for professional programs with pause, resume, and terminate options for the exam module, while the test is in progress

Onscreen Evaluation and Exam Analysis

Onscreen Evaluation and Exam Analysis
  • Scan, store answer sheets in the system for a paper-based test
  • Automated result/certificate generation based on criteria
  • Detailed analysis for subject/topic/batch/candidate wise performance
  • View, filter, and download reports as and when required


Apart from this, we even develop dedicated student portals and virtual classroom solutions to integrate it with the online examination management system.


It enables organizations to put a step forward in offering a complete LMS (Learning Management System) to their target audience.


The demand for online assessment systems has seen a steep rise in delivering IT, management studies, cognitive, and behavioral assessment tests. And, it is likely to remain a favorable platform to assess the aptitude of the candidates.


Rishabh Software provides online exam software development services to help determine all kinds of tests, from application processing to result in delivery across industries. Our custom solutions help them to manage exams and generate results digitally.

Get Ultimate Solution For Online Assessment

Rishabh Software builds efficient, seamless, and secure online exam software to help you simplify examination at scale.