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Progressive Web Application Development: Why Businesses Should Care

20 Sep 2021

Imagine a website that offers a seamless smartphone user experience without needing you to develop across all different platforms. Progressive Web App gives you a speedy, immersive and a more reliable version of your website. And just like a native app, it can operate offline and access your microphone, GPS and camera if necessary, offering all the benefits of a mobile app on your website. All this and more to eventually provide you higher conversion rates & better customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking to leverage the potential of progressive web development to win over mobile users, this blog will get you up to speed on this incredible technology and explain how its obvious benefits can be converted into your business success.

Why Build a PWA?

It has blurred the lines between web & mobile apps with user experiences that offer a seamless look & feel of a smartphone app & the massive reach of the web! All of this at a much faster development pace and zero storage space needs for end-users. This also reduces the cost & effort required for development as the same code seamlessly runs on all platforms & device types.

How PWA development is Revolutionizing Companies Across the Globe

The time spent on mobile phones dominates other conventional devices like desktops & tablets. Out of this, 80% accounts for applications of the overall time the users spend on their mobile gadgets.

Here are some of the world-known companies that have already built & strategically adopted a PWA and leverage its benefits for their business – with an increase in conversions and a decrease of load time.

  • Alibaba
  • Forbes
  • Twitter
  • Virgin America
  • The Washington Post


  • Increased daily active users x2 (Starbucks)
  • Had 528 million visitors with direct traffic up by 60% as of Jan 2021 (AliExpress)

Here's What a Progressive Web Application Development Company Can Do for You

PWA is developed using popular progressive frameworks such as React, Vue & Angular. This technology packs a stunning range of powerful features of a website with all the advantages of a smartphone app.

For business owners it helps;

  • Augment user time on the website with offline connectivity
  • Increase conversion with maximized app downloads & increased user adoption
  • Enhance user experience across all major platforms
  • Save big on development & maintenance costs as compared to native apps

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps for Businesses

1. Enhanced Online Visibility: Being SEO-friendly they are indexed by Google just like any other website. This helps focus to turn up the traffic volume & drive potential customers your way.

2. Improved Performance: With decreased data needs, PWAs are lighter, faster & smoother. This means your bounce rate will decrease while conversions increase.

3. No Platform Dependency: Being web-based they work flawlessly on any OS, browser & device. They are not driven by tech trends nor any provider’s market situation and this makes them futureproof!

4. Faster Time to Market: With direct deployments, you can release your product faster & collect feedback sooner. There is no need to download the app for planned updates. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the App Store or Play Market to approve the update!

5. Offline Access: PWAs work anytime, anywhere without needing web access. Users can consume your content even with a poor internet connection!

Practical Use Cases of Progressive Web Design

PWAs are responsive, secure, easy to install, scalable & reliably connected. These features make them a perfect fit for most B2B & B2C use cases such as:

PWA Use Cases

Digital titans are switching to PWA and reaping the benefits it offers across KPIs: conversions, engagement, leads & revenue. Are you?

Interested in building a PWA?

Partner with us to build an app-like business solution that works reliably in every condition to ramp up you revenue.

Progressive Web App Development Services with Rishabh

Our team harnesses the power of PHP with popular & powerful languages like HTML, CSS & JavaScript to deliver a flawless app-like feel and frictional native-like experience in a much lighter environment. They develop feature-rich apps that run seamlessly across multiple devices. Further, they are comprehensively tested by skilled QA specialists to maximize productivity with minimal turnaround time. As a progressive web app development company, we provide 360-degree solutions to businesses across the globe to improve their brand’s visibility across devices with significant user engagement.

Here’s a showcase of our capability,

Progressive Web App Development Services We Offer

PWA Web Development

A progressive web app works on any platform or device – online & offline! Businesses no longer need to invest in building custom solutions for each platform. This is not only economical but also gives your business the best possible coverage, regardless of the device your existing & potential customers use. We can help you leverage the full benefits of web and mobile with an agile, responsive & engaging PWA that is built to address the new-age customer needs.

PWA Mobile Development

Today’s impatient users need instant gratification, so site speed is crucial for any online business to succeed. PWAs are ultra-fast & offer a stable experience even when offline! Choosing us as your PWA development company enables you to stay accessible round-the-clock, upsell, cross-sell & boost loyalty with push notifications & offline browsing. We develop custom solutions that meet the varied needs of every industry & domain.

PWA Integration

Every web development project today involves custom 3rd party integrations – whether it is offline browsing, data analytics, push notifications, marketing metrics, or custom functionalities and easy content distribution. We will not only help you choose from the countless options but also integrate powerful APIs & tools. They enable the delivery of faster enhancements that meet the user expectations & business goals.

Migration to PWA

Expand your userbase to billions across the globe by migrating your native mobile apps and websites to PWA. And as you make the switch, we will instill your solution with better usability, security, scalability & offline functionality while enhancing it with the latest tech stack.

PWA in eCommerce

Progressive web apps are designed to deliver a delightful eCommerce experience. They pack everything from an appealing UX, payment gateway integration to high-end plug-in modules & web-based marketing channels. Learn how we can help you unlock the full potential of PWAs in a quick, efficient & cost-effective manner with our end-to-end eCommerce development focus.

PWA Customization

Want to customize your PWA according to your business ideas, latest trends, new features, or consumer preferences? We can help you build cross-platform apps that leverage mobile-first development methodologies to drive more conversions across platforms.

PWA Maintenance & Support

To be able to maintain your app’s market presence even as user behaviors change and technology evolves, ongoing support & maintenance is imperative. Our team takes a proactive approach with every possible measure to keep your PWA solutions up and running. This is achieved with frequent updates, user behavior analysis, performance reviews, timely feedback, and regular content updates.

We leverage a leading-edge tech stack with modern JS, headless architecture & microservices to build a customized PWA solution and address your specific business needs. Our skilled progressive web app developers use DevOps for enhanced collaboration, top software quality & faster time to market. If you’re looking to build a PWA like, Forbes, Starbucks, Uber, or Spotify, we’re ready to assist you!

Successful PWA Implementation Case Studies

We have worked with leading global businesses on PWA development projects. From nimble startups to dynamic SMEs to long-established enterprises, we’ve developed ready-to-implement solutions across industries. Here’s how:

Event Ticket-booking Platform

An NZ-based event company was looking to offer a seamless ticket reservation experience leveraging innovative technology with an intuitive PWA platform.

We enabled the customer with;

  • 10,000+ users booking for several events at any peak time
  • 60% increase in bookings
  • 0 overselling & 0 duplicate reservations

Cross-platform Recruitment App

An Asia-based channel partner wanted us to develop a one-stop hiring solution to streamline their recruitment process through a centralized PWA platform.

We enabled the customer with;

  • 50% increase in business opportunities
  • 4x increase in registrations

Online Construction Material Ordering System

An Australia-based trade delivery service provider turned to us for developing a construction material ordering application with PWA capabilities.

We enabled the customer with;

  • Achieving 63% faster & reliable onsite deliveries

To Conclude

PWAs bring quite a few benefits to both users and businesses. They would make it easier for brands to boost engagement, lift conversions and improve security. It is serving as the best mechanism for brands that are struggling to get the most out of their mobile marketing strategies. From the above read, you can realize how a progressive web application development company like Rishabh Software can help develop PWAs with intuitive features to boost your end-user experience.

Ready to Rank Higher & Increase Conversions?

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