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How Emerging EdTech Trends Will Reshape the Future of Education

14 Dec 2020

For the past century, majority of the learning models have remained unchanged. But, COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional classroom learning model permanently. In order to ensure continuity of education, most countries turned to emerging trends in educational technology. This shift has set off an unplanned transformation across the world; opening up new avenues for the EdTech business.

The key factors that have triggered the digitization of education globally are:

  1. The Shift from Teaching to Learning:
    EdTech has transformed the traditional classroom experience and made it more engaging and conducive to learning. This trend is already evolving across the globe with 48% of students using desktop computers and 33% using smartboards in classrooms.
  2. The Increasing Importance of Interactive Education:
    In order to progress in society, it is important to evoke natural curiosity in students. EdTech solutions are constantly evolving to engage students so they are inclined to explore new concepts, naturally! In fact, a recent report shows that 80% of educators think technology is a brilliant way to boost engagement in classrooms.
  3. The Use of AI & ML for a Personalized Experience:
    As tech portals start to recognize the importance of higher-order thinking, it has become crucial to create more personalized learning platforms. With the emergence of Machine Learning, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, learning systems are now integrating intuitive frameworks that provide personalized guidance and learning programs.
  4. The Use of Gamification to Expedite Learning:
    The current trends in in this sector are increasingly using game elements to motivate students to learn faster and retain more. Schools and businesses are integrating leader boards, reward systems and competitive assessments to encourage learning outside the classroom.
  5. A Hybrid Approach to Teaching:
    EdTech is also evolving to transform the traditional lecture method into an engaging classroom experience with visual aids. Research studies have revealed that human intervention facilitates better learning and retention. This is why newer EdTech products combine an instructional storytelling approach with attractive graphics and animation.
  6. The Need for 360 Degree Development:
    EdTech is poised to be a flourishing industry because it is not only empowering students to prepare for the real world but also enabling industries and institutions to offer learning on-the-go. Whether it is corporate learning, academic education, soft skills development or technology training, EdTech has taken the front seat in every industry.

By 2025, the education spending is expected to touch a whopping 181.3 billion worldwide. This has unlocked many possibilities for EdTech Innovators who want to make the most of this progressive education model and maximize their ROI.

Here are a few of the key trends that will drive the development of the EdTech industry in 2021 and beyond:

  1. Accessible Education:
    E-learning technology makes education more accessible, connecting students, teachers and parents on a unified platform. It provides a collaborative learning approach and makes education available to those even in remote areas. The concept of a shared curriculum opens up more opportunities to quality education.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI):
    AI is one of the current trends in educational technology that is geared towards personalizing the learning experience. This use of data & analysis is focused on delivering an engaging & valuable experience for individual learning styles.
  3. Immersive Learning:
    AR and VR technologies simulate real-life situations offering far more value than a traditional classroom setup ever could. For instance, a lesson about ancient Egypt can come alive when a student puts on a VR headset. While we understand that it is a relatively new concept, early adopters of this emerging trend are enabling students to extract maximum value.

Let’s take a look at how these new trends have translated into real-world use cases:

SaaS-based Childcare Management and Learning Platform

An Australian EdTech company wanted to develop a unified childcare management system. It would manage daily business operations and modernize children’s daycare activities. The idea behind this was to simplify end-to-end business processes and encourage self-paced learning among students.

Team Rishabh developed a SaaS based comprehensive child care center management software. The developed platform resulted in a ~50% increase in operational efficiency, more than 20% increase in student registration and significantly higher parent satisfaction.

Daycare Management System
VR Based Language Learning Solution

Hyper-Personalized Self-Learning System

An NZ-based EdTech company wanted new growth openings to reach a wider audience. The idea was to create a VR-based system that would offer an immersive learning experience for maximum retention. The new language learning app is enabling students, travelers & business people with life skills required to thrive as global citizens.

The virtual reality based learning app offers multi-language support and sets apart the content into 3 levels – beginner, intermediate & advanced. The solution yielded 50% more user engagement and a complete automation of custom report creation.

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Why is it the Need of the Hour?

EdTech’s time has come and the coronavirus has certainly accelerated its adoption. With digital innovation taking center stage, there is no doubt that the education sector will transform for the better.

Well before the pandemic, the EdTech expenditure was already set to grow at 15% CAGR 2019-2025 and reach over USD 400 bn by 2025. While the US may have set the trend, emerging markets like Asia have picked up pace, exhibiting accelerated growth in a short span. The market is only beginning to boom and there are plenty of opportunities for investors.

Today, more education-inclined startups are entering the market with the help of reputed software development companies like us. As a company experienced in creating custom solutions, we understand the business and technology challenges you have. That’s why we have the right resources to help you prepare for growth. We are happy to answer all your questions to help you navigate through. Together, we will bring your vision to life and create experiences that surpass your expectations.

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