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How DOOH Analytics is Changing Advertising Landscape

22 Oct 2021

From print ads of the past to modern-day 3D billboards – advertising has undergone a sea change over the recent past few years. The technological innovation that is pacing at a higher speed is reshaping the industry faster than ever before.

And, today digital out-of-home (DOOH), is taking over the traditional avenues of out-of-home (OOH) advertising. With easier implementation than traditional buying and a more automated, dynamic experience it is quickly becoming an exciting and reliable way for customer reach-out. It is now an important component of a brand’s media mix because it offers efficient process management with the ability to adjust & manage media buying, even during unexpected scenarios (the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak).

With online advertising, metrics data is considered a prominent indicator for the success of marketing campaigns. This makes it possible to connect brands to their target audiences with the right message at the right time; capturing the attention of consumers on the go.

And, while analytics play a crucial role with digital out-of-home advertising how metrics are tracked is a little different. If you’re also curious about the impact generated by data analytics in outdoor advertising but aren’t sure how and where to start, then this article is for you.


It helps connect brands with consumers across placements as they move throughout the day. The data helps identify areas with a high concentration of the brand’s target audience and how the messages are served across different avenues. This would support intercept, increase awareness, and drive consumer interest (online or in-store). And, the digital billboards advertising units include digital bulletin boards, digital signages, and digital screens installed across buildings – including gyms, restaurants, malls, and more.

Benefits for DOOH Advertising

DOOH Advertising Benefits

How is Analytics Helping the DOOH Segment?

Brands often struggle to measure outdoor advertising performance – how it helps convert distracted, passive audiences into paying customers. How are people connecting with the messaging? Are they noticing the ads and pausing to look at them?

Advertising companies can achieve an improved return on investment (ROI) for their marketing campaigns. It is by examining spend allocations at each phase of the advertising campaign cycle to restrict revenue leakage.

DOOH analytics can help businesses drive deeper customer engagements through relevant & actionable insights. They help increase profits in two main ways:

  • Enable networks to charge premium fees because advertisers are willing to pay for analytics.
  • Offer competitive advantage over other networks, making it easier to win more campaigns
  • Allow advertisers, publishers, media companies, and brands to have a unified view of various advertising campaign metrics through flexible reports

A full-proof campaign strategy powered by data visualization and analytics solution helps uncover hidden insights and patterns for accurate decision-making. It is by analyzing how advertising activities interact with the actions and purchases. This helps track marketing campaigns and regulate their performance at each step, influencing the peaks and dips in sales.

Hence, a holistic view of the campaign covers information such as inventory delivered, conversion rates, click-through rates, and action completion rates. These insights enable the brands to make the required adjustments in the advertising campaign in real-time.

Wish to Revolutionize Digital Outdoor Advertising?

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Essentials of DOOH Metrics

Measuring Impressions

The number of impressions that a screen gets over a given period is a critical measurement component. With DOOH, the appearance of an ad on one screen is likely to reach one-to-many mediums. Several people may be likely to look at the screen at any given moment. This would imply that one play of an ad can be counted as several impressions.

And, data collection would help determine the impression multiplier factors and number of impressions. Even though there are varied parameters for statistical analysis, for example – ticket sales would determine ad visibility, cameras & sensors integrated with the DOOH analytics platform would provide insights on view data and more.

Location Intelligence and Mobility Analytics

They allow companies to create an OOH advertising strategy that would focus 100% on the tastes and preferences of the end customer who passes through each point. Further, they help marketers to understand consumer and shopper behavior in connection with their travel patterns and other demographics of where they live and work to drive outdoor media decisions.

  • With location intelligence or location analytics, the information about a point of interest, including audience saturation, specific product consumption categories, buying behavior & capability, brand affinity with identification on the type of advertising that would offer a higher success rate for the brand’s desired audience.
  • The use of mobility or foot traffic analytics helps assess consumer behavior to understand the peak hours across certain locations, along with hours of demand. It allows businesses to define advertising strategies by segmenting audiences, informing media placements, optimizing campaigns, and measuring their real-world impact on in-store visits.

Why Choose Rishabh to Develop DOOH Analytics?

At Rishabh Software, we provide Adtech consulting services leveraging data-driven latest technologies and analytics-led insights to inform, educate and empower our clients from the advertising industry to make informed decisions regarding strategy foresight and planning to execute campaigns that deliver results.

Below is a showcase of our recent work.

Case 1

Digital Ad Order Management Solution with Data Analytics

Business Need: A digital solution that integrates business analytics to enable real-time asset booking. It would help reach a wide spectrum of consumers, maximize inventory allocation, and boost sales.

Solution: We helped a UK-based advertising company with an online advertising booking system that would help respond to booking requests immediately, leverage sales opportunities, and maximize revenue.

Key Outcomes:

  • 80% reduction in unsold inventory items
  • <2 minutes booking response time as compared to 30 minutes earlier
  • Real-time monitoring of bookings as per region, segment, and point of sales mechanism

Case 2

Real-time Digital Ad Inventory Management Solution

Business Need: Devoid of a digital solution that would help with efficient management of bookings by leveraging analytics from missed sales opportunities predict trends, meet the needs when demand cycles peak and make more ad slots available.

Solution: Rishabh developed a cloud-based digital ad inventory management solution that can process millions of data sets to offer required inputs in real-time. It enhances inventory utilization and addresses multiple bookings.

Key Outcomes:

  • 20% improvement in response time
  • 10% inventory utilization
  • Complete visibility in ad allocation & management

Case 3

Campaign Compliance: Smart Way of Managing DOOH Advertisements

Business Need: A platform to analyze the data in real-time for enhanced effectiveness of the advertisements.

Solution: We developed an intuitive platform for a France-based out-of-home marketing organization to access live data using the campaign-compliant software.

Key Outcomes:

  • Time to load the data was reduced drastically by 50%
  • Helps in measuring the % of compliance of the audience and the advertisements
  • Provides compliance levels based on the hour, day, week, month, and more

Case 4

Data Lake Implementation for Outdoor Advertising Company

Business Need: A unified solution to support their real-time streaming data needs and unstructured media data processing.

Solution: We implemented a full-scale data lake design and development solution for a European Digital media business. The centralized API layer was built to be utilized by various tools/applications.

Key Outcomes:

  • Visual representation of online trading data,
    a) Digital inventory
    b) Online trading of inventory booking
  • 40% faster decision making with better insights
  • Enhanced sales productivity by 25%

We have been associated with global Media and Entertainment organizations to reimagine their business. We help develop next-gen custom IT solutions that are backed by advanced analytics. It would include;

  • Digital Ads Campaign Management Solution
  • Digital Ad Inventory Management Solution
  • ERP Solution for Advertising & Media
  • Robust Online Ticket Reservation System

As a provider of media and entertainment software development services, we have the experience in streamlining Digital Ad management, Real-time streaming solutions, OTT software development, and more. We revolutionize the way media and entertainment companies generate, manage, and distribute content..

Concluding Thoughts

While other segments of advertising not performing all that great, DOOH seems to be gaining more popularity. The advances in technology have brought the real world at par with the online world. Today, it is allowing many of the related analytics and ROI calculations to help brands justify their spending and refine the campaigns around what could engage their target audience.

Also, while analytics as technology is rolling out in different avenues around the world there’s a threat faced by other channels. It includes ad fraud, ad blocking, ad fast-forwarding and more. DOOH combined with data analytics offers an engaging, measurable, and valuable alternative. And therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise why so many brands are starting to pay attention to this channel.

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