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SharePoint Vs Drupal: Which Is A Better CMS Solution? [Infographic]

17 Dec 2019

Businesses today are moving toward dynamic websites as they are visually engaging and not too time-consuming from a maintenance standpoint. A content management system plays a significant role in this growth. It provides an easy and swift online interface to manage the content on the website. Eventually, it helps to streamline business processes and increase productivity. Today, Drupal and SharePoint are the two most sought technologies for creating efficient content management systems.


Microsoft SharePoint is a comprehensive document and project management software. On the other hand, Drupal is a dedicated content management system. They both have their pros & cons and perform better than each other in specific instances.


If you are in the dilemma of whether to go for Drupal or SharePoint as your CMS, fear not – here is an infographic-based comparison of both. We believe it should help you to identify the right platform for your specific business needs.

SharePoint vs. Drupal Comparison

Drupal vs SharePoint Comparison Infographics

Which is Better- SharePoint or Drupal?

It depends on your specific business requirements. SharePoint custom development is ideal for faster to market CMS system, as it requires limited customization. On the other hand, if you have a large project with custom module development and robust performance needs, then Drupal is a better option.


As many enterprises today are using SharePoint for their intranet solutions, they leverage its capability as a content management system, as well. Drupal, as an open-source content management system, offers myriad in-built features targeted to both small and large business needs. If you want to go for Drupal, an experienced Drupal Web Development Services Company can help to develop the best fit solution according to your project complexity.


Rishabh Software has the required experience in developing robust CMS using both SharePoint and Drupal technologies. Our technology consultants will help you throughout the CMS development life cycle; from choosing the right framework to get the highest return on investment for your business.

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