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Meeting Management Solution

01 May 2020

A meeting management software helps various teams across organizations to improve meeting effectiveness with an interactive interface. Rishabh Software delivers a feature-rich solution that administers pre-meeting preparation, helps in streamlining the MoM gathering process as a modern and convenient way to perform meetings, & reduces hassle.


Virtual meetings are an integral part of any organization today to ensure business continuity, especially during situation like the COVID – 19 pandemic.


Meeting management solutions assist the boards, business leaders, and teams to connect, collaborate, stay updated, and make collective decisions to improve outcomes.

And, while we are witnessing a surge in tools to handle day-to-day meeting operations, Rishabh Software builds stand-alone solutions to help schedule, organize, and conduct online meetings efficiently.


It includes:

  • Scheduling and management of corporate & board meetings
  • Centralize location to access meeting records
  • Meeting documents and attendees management
  • Effective Time Management and progress tracking


Read on to learn how our online meeting management systems help drive accountability by streamlining meeting procedures and aligning them to management goals.

Meeting Management Solution

Make Every Meeting More Productive

We help simplify pre, during, and post-meeting phases. Besides, role-based access, it enables the admin and various stakeholders to:

  1. Track different session metrics, including agenda, minutes, assigned actions, resolutions, and progress
  2. Share real-time updates with individuals or teams on web and mobile platforms
  3. Provide easy, secure access to the participants on web-based systems and mobile apps
  4. Keep the documents or any other data that has been shared throughout the online sessions secure from malware attacks
  5. Get an insight into attendee’s availability & tasks at-hand from previous meetings

Looking To Own Business Meetings?

Our custom solutions help manage well-documented and efficient meetings for your board, committees, and teams. All in one place!

Now, let us have a look at the essential components that we develop as part of the meeting management application development focus.

Manage Meetings

Manage & Schedule Meetings
  • Create & schedule meetings based on the availability of resources
  • Check conflicts for upcoming meetings, validate alternative time options that suit everyone, and sync with the calendars
  • Add members, edit agenda list, upload required documents and more before/during the meeting
  • Review action log of past meeting summary, follow-up, and more through an interactive dashboard & reporting module
  • Send automated reminders to attendees via email or messages

Agenda Builder

Build Meeting Agendas
  • Create precise meeting agendas using the agenda-building tool
  • Review automated topic/sub-topic suggestions for recurring meetings, and edit/approve as needed
  • Use the time distribution feature to allocate time slots for every topic and manage them real-time during the discussions
  • Share the plan with involved persons in a supported file format through the automated distribution system
  • Customize templates while leading meetings and agendas based on the type of meeting
  • Automatic notifications will ensure updating the team members after any changes are finalized and saved

Attendees Management

Attendees Management
  • Integrate address book with an option to edit/remove user details
  • Invite as many people as required and assign pre/post-meeting tasks, roles, and permissions
  • Provide security-controlled access to participants to join the meeting from any device by a shared link
  • View attendance and attendee logs using an automated tracking feature
  • Download documents, record comments, assign tasks, and more during the meeting

Meeting Minutes Module

Meeting Minutes Module
  • Assign action items, capture & document key points, and decisions accurately using the in-built MoM tool
  • Finalize meeting minutes in pre-built layouts with suggestions from the attendees
  • Automated & manual report creation for conducted meetings with secure share options
  • Access minutes registry with available audio/video recordings


What’s more? Our team even performs an extensive analysis of the organization’s specific requirements to propose a robust solution by mapping all their essential features.


It includes, but not limited to:

  • Meeting room management system (Real or virtual space)
  • Meeting analytics
  • Third-party web conferencing system integration
  • Dedicated load and performance testing


As a highlight, explore how we re-engineered an existing meeting scheduling software of a US-based technology service provider to help them achieve better business performance and extensibility through automated meeting planning & follow-up process with unlimited registrants.


A sophisticated system helps organizations to manage an overwhelming number of meeting requests to make the process streamlined and automated.


While there exist a few COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) products, which provide some of the basic functionalities for an office meeting. However, most of them have a limited degree of customization and scale.


Rishabh Software builds custom & intuitive cloud-based meeting management software to manage agendas & meetings effortlessly. As a result, the workforce spends less time on unwanted calls and emailing (especially while working remotely), and spend more time on other productive tasks.

Looking To Streamline Virtual Meetings?

Rishabh Software develops a meeting management system to help drive accountability across all aspects of meeting procedures