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Meeting Management Software Development

21 Jan 2022

Meetings are an essential part of professional life as they ensure a consistent flow of communication across modern business workflows. Typically in any such gathering members have operational discussions, brainstorm about tasks, analyze results and more. Though any such discussion without a definite plan, clarity on responsibilities, adequate notes would result in negative consequences for the whole company. This even impacts project development as time management is an essential consideration across various tasks.

And, therefore to optimize the future of meeting efficiency, businesses are turning to meeting management systems. It enables them to enforce proper preparation, standardize meeting procedures, streamline attendee management & task management with real-time tracking and further improvize the minutes process. In short, they revolutionize the way we organize & manage meetings.

Read this blog, if you’re also someone who wants to discover the essentials of a smart meeting management solution that can make every minute count.

What’s In It For You:

Reasons to Invest in Meeting Management Software

  1. Following the global pandemic, the worldwide adoption of work-from-home culture changed the landscape of meetings for good.
    • With so many people working from home today, meetings are more important than ever. It can be challenging for everyone to stay on the same page since they don’t work from the same premises.
    • A meeting management software can help keep people stay on the same page. For example, project managers can hold meetings regularly to ensure that their deadlines are met and that their deliverables look good. Furthermore, sales leaders can also benefit from updating their teams on changes taking place, deals that might be happening, or shifts in the products they offer.
  2. Employees lose an average of 31 hours every month to ineffectual discussions without agendas. This is equivalent to 4 working days/month! And, if you factor in the concerned employee’s pay, the associated cost to the company is exponential.
    • This is the outcome of non-formalized conversations that generate a huge pile of MoM documents.
    • It is this lack of planning, organizing, and archiving communications that keep companies from implementing procedural changes and innovating processes.

So, if you too want to go from unproductive, siloed sessions to cohesive discussions, then you need a solution that matches your team’s workflow, enhances collaboration, keeps everyone on the same page and helps achieve business goals.

But before we dig deeper into its benefits, let’s talk about the important phases of any dedicated system.

Meeting Management Solution Essentials


Helps build a solid foundation for swift and seamless virtual connections. So it’s crucial to provide clarity to attendees and enable them with all the resources they need to come prepared.

How it helps:

  • Automate scheduling process
  • Build an agenda
  • Review and approve agenda items
  • Distribute agenda
  • Assign pre-meeting tasks

During the meeting

While the actual meeting is taking place, the system during this stage helps build the material for the minutes of meeting (MoM).

How it helps:

  • Record attendance
  • Facilitate discussion on agenda topics
  • Take minutes of meeting
  • Conduct a poll & make collaborative decisions
  • Assign tasks with deadlines that can be tracked


The meeting’s effectiveness is measured by accurate archiving of MoM, well-presented agenda, timely and secure distribution of information, and clear task allocation.

How it helps:

  • Review, approve & distribute MoM
  • Track action items
  • Consolidate notes
  • Generate attendance reports
  • Follow-up on assigned tasks
  • Rate and share feedback

Benefits Of Meeting Management Software

Listed below are comprehensive business benefits that you may want to consider:

  • Integration with Popular Email Clients – reduce the risk of double booking with calendar integrations
  • Quick access to information in real-time – meeting agenda, notes, and minutes modules
  • Secure confidential or sensitive business data with restricted access and eliminate the risk of data theft
  • Improved collaboration – automatic distribution of MoM and attendee tasks
  • No storage hassles, no misplaced documents and more cost-savings with paperless communications
  • Unlock opportunities for savings with real-time visibility into business performance, negotiation details and financial data in one place
  • Dashboard and Analytics to track & assess meeting success parameters

Want to Make the Most of Virtual Meetings?

Get a custom solution that drives efficiency, transparency & accountability across all meeting procedures.

How We Can Help With Meeting Management Application Development

Having developed online meeting software solutions for our global clients, we already have a well-architected foundational framework that can be tailored to your specific meeting management needs quickly & cost-effectively.

Ideal for both small firms & large businesses, it can integrate webinars, calendar scheduling, video content sharing & analytics. You can also leverage it to develop an advanced mobile meeting app with 100% automation of the meeting planning process.

Go-to-market much faster with this highly customizable framework that can support multiple devices & efficiently cover the need for every type of business communication and collaboration. This modular approach also enables simplifying the earlier discussed meeting phases.

Now, let’s take a look at the essential components of the system that we can enable with our meeting management application development focus.

Must-Have Modules For Web-Based Meeting Management System

Manage Meetings

Manage & Schedule Meetings
  • Create & schedule discussions based on resource availability
  • Check conflicts for upcoming schedules, validate alternative time options that suit everyone, and sync with the calendars
  • Add members, edit agenda list, upload required documents and more before/during the connect
  • Review action points, past summary, follow-up, and more through an interactive dashboard & reporting module
  • Send automated reminders to attendees via email or messages

Agenda Builder

Build Meeting Agendas
  • Create precise points for discussion using the agenda-building tool
  • Review automated topic/sub-topic suggestions for recurring communications, and edit/approve as needed
  • Use the time distribution feature to allocate time slots for every topic and manage them in real-time during the discussions
  • Share the plan with involved persons through the automated distribution system
  • Customize templates while leading conversations and agendas based on the type of connect
  • Automated notifications will ensure updating the team members after any changes are finalized and saved

Attendees Management

Attendees Management
  • Integrate address book with the option to edit/remove user details
  • Invite as many people as required and assign pre/post-meeting tasks, roles, and permissions
  • Provide security-controlled access to participants for joining from any device by a shared link
  • View attendance and attendee logs using an automated tracking feature
  • Download documents, record comments, assign tasks, and more during the conference

Meeting Minutes Module

Meeting Minutes Module
  • Assign action items, capture & document key points, and decisions accurately using the in-built MoM tool
  • Finalize minutes in pre-built layouts with suggestions from the attendees
  • Automated & manual report creation for conducted sessions with secure share options
  • Access minutes registry with available audio/video recordings

Case Study:

Explore how we re-engineered a meeting scheduling software for a US-based technology service provider to help them achieve better business performance and extensibility. Highlights of the solution were automated planning, scheduling & follow-up process with unlimited registrants.

Value delivered:

  • 100% automation of the planning process
  • 3X increase in team efficiency
  • 0 downtime during migration & deployment

Essential Elements of Meeting Agenda Management Software

Following are the three crucial factors that we prioritize during the meeting agenda management software development process:

elements of meeting organization software development
  1. Analytics: Generates detailed insight with reporting statistics to help organizations justify their ROI and unlock new opportunities.
  2. Integrations: Enables fast and easy integration with other existing apps and technologies, such as Google Suite, Microsoft Outlook, GoToMeeting, Dropbox & more.
  3. Security: Cloud-based storage ensures the utmost safety of confidential and sensitive business data.

Final Words

Meeting management solutions can help organize and improve communication within & across teams. And, when as a team and company, you decide to invest in this software – you can stay rest assured to improve productivity and efficiency across the board. At Rishabh, we can help you develop everything you need in a holistic meeting management solution. From purpose-driven one-on-ones to productive team discussions, we can make it possible.  There’s never been a better time to level up your meeting habits with an intuitive solution, so what’re you waiting for?

Gear Up To Make Every Meeting Count

Speed up your communication lifecycles & accomplish more with a smart meeting management solution!