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4 Reasons to Develop Your Next App in Android – Trends & Benefits [INFOGRAPHIC]

17 Feb 2016

Mobile apps today have become storefronts for small & medium enterprises, helping them generate profitable sales. There are multiple mobile devices used by consumers, but which platform is the right fit for your business? How will it benefit your enterprise and does it follow the latest industry trends?


Both Android and Apple have their advantages and disadvantages. Android allows you to reach a broader audience, in contrast, Apple’s audience is more involved and loyal. For large enterprises with sufficient resources, development can be done simultaneously for different mobile platforms. But for small & medium enterprises, it is a critical question, which could determine the success or failure of the business.


With more than 80 percent market share, Android-based devices are expected to dominate worldwide smartphone shipments until 2019 and beyond. One of the major benefits of Android App development is you can easily build, test, evaluate and improve your business application. It is one of the ideal ways to create your enterprise app and keep users engaged.


There are number of factors that favor android mobile application development.This infographic will give you four reasons why you should develop apps for Android devices first, rather than iOS, Windows and/or Blackberry.


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