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Top Benefits of Developing Android App to SkyRocket Your Business Ideas

19 Nov 2021

Organizations today are realizing how mobile apps can help amplify reach and multiply their customer base in the digital era.  With almost everyone using a smartphone to access a variety of applications – it has most certainly given a huge boost to the eCommerce business.

Android OS today commands a sizable share of the mobile app development market. With over 2.5 billion active users spread across the world – the number is constantly growing. What makes it significant as the preferred platform for companies are compelling advantages like massive customer reach, seamless customization, faster deployment, improved scalability & much more.

However, there’s a lot to consider when giving your brand a digital boost in the mobile world. Through this blog, we will explore the benefits of developing apps using Android and help you discover ways in which you can stay competitive and relevant in the current times.

Android Ecosystem

Worldwide Android App Development Market Share

Why Android?

Android is touted as the top choice for startups and enterprises. Here are a few reasons for building an android app:

Cost-Effective Platform:

  • Easy access to tools and systems to Android developers.
  • The end devices and hardware are relatively less expensive.
  • Rare compatibility issues with every updated OS version.

Quick and Easy to Develop:

  • The availability of the easy working model makes it so quick to develop apps.
  • The flexibility of apps has resulted in exponential growth in the last 5 years – with time metrics and the cost of app development becoming an important feature of this platform.

However, the future of apps isn’t limited to applications. With the rise of wearable devices and Smart TVs, a new era has emerged in the app development world.

Benefits of Android App Development

Android app development benefits

Every entrepreneur needs to compete with creativity to capture the attention of more potential customers. It is because the ultimate goal of any business is to generate revenue. Further, the evolution of the Android development platform offers entrepreneurs a cost-effective and scalable opportunity to develop apps.

Android mobile applications have influenced most industries as part of the digital revolution today. Even though iOS is a popular platform, listed below are some of the reasons why android is by far the best and a leading platform for businesses.

High ROI with Lower Costs

One of the key advantages of developing an Android app is the easy availability of the Android SDK. The development teams can use the material design from these SDKs to build interactive apps. However, the developers/development teams are required to pay a one-time registration fee for application distribution. After that, they can leverage any computer device to build and test the product for their smartphones, ensuring low investment and increased user engagement. In turn, the end-users, benefit from an interactive app, and the enterprise gains a higher return on investment.

Faster Deployment

Android apps for businesses have a rapid development cycle lasting a few hours. It offers a competitive edge to companies who wish to have a quicker go-to-market for their new idea. Reduced Time to Market (TTM) is, thus, one of the best benefits of Android development.

Target Multiple Platforms

The use of Java as a programming language makes it easy to port the app to multiple operating systems. Thus, businesses can target multiple platforms. It is one of the many reasons why organizations choose Android development.

Learn the essentials of porting iOS apps to Android. And, how it helps companies to take advantage of the time and resources based on the interest of different target groups.
Google also made Kotlin an official language (or a Java alternative) for developing Android Apps. Kotlin Multiplatform can be used to power applications that run on iOS & Android. Leading technology companies like Pivotal, Atlassian, and giants like Pinterest, Uber, and Evernote are also using Kotlin for their Android solutions.

Versatility and Scalability

With the arrival of Android Studio, the OS has scaled up on flexibility and adaptability. It integrates with the entire Android ecosystem including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Android TV. It makes Android Apps compatible with emerging technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. Therefore, it is also one of the significant android app benefits. Further, the versatility of the Android app platform allows development teams to build dynamic mobile applications that serve multiple purposes after being installed on the device.

Enhanced Security

Android P introduced several additional and in-built security features. It will help with the protection against malware and viruses. Thus, safety and reliability are exceptional benefits of android applications. Read on about the Android best practices for security & privacy that helps organizations to define the right approach throughout the application lifecycle.


Android is an open-source platform and offers maximum customization features to development teams. It is why android applications are a popular choice. Further, the OS enables the creation of versatile Android apps that can be easily integrated into multimedia tools and data management functions of your existing business processes. Thus, enterprises can benefit from reaching a broader customer base by accommodating the changing business requirements.

The numerous benefits of Android development also offer business-friendly features for an added boost in market penetration. As an experienced enterprise app development company, Rishabh Software can help you build innovative and robust enterprise-grade apps that are future-ready.

Want to Create a Winning Android App?

Our expertise in app development can help you realize the full potential of this platform & add value to your business.

Rishabh Synergy

As a business owner, it is paramount for you to build mobile apps that respond to the changing needs of customers. And, you would agree an engaging Android app can offer organizations access to a large customer base with limited marketing efforts. But this success depends on the quality of the app, which in turn is entirely dependent on multiple factors, including personalization, ease of use, and strategy.

A credible and competent technology partner, like Rishabh Software, can help you push the market growth further with a targeted app while cutting the overhead IT & resource costs. Our development team possesses a high level of expertise to help you leverage the advantages of Android.

Our Native App Development Capability

Let’s  look at some of the types & categories of native apps we can develop:

Grocery Delivery App Development

Just like every other item shopped for online, the rise in grocery delivery app development has addressed the need for safe & convenient ways of shopping for groceries. Whether you are a startup, SMB, or a large enterprise, launching your app will help you meet business objectives & address the growing needs of consumers.

Depending on your requirement, we can develop apps for the following:


  • Facilitator or meditator that connects shopper with the grocery store
  • Best for businesses who own a grocery store or a chain of stores


  • Similar to aggregators but businesses have their delivery personnel to deliver items

Single Stores

  • Grocery business with a custom app to support physical store & build an online presence

Supermarket Chains

  • Large and scalable on-demand apps for grocery chains
  • Collection of consumer data to send highly personalized offers

Do give this blog a read if you wish to learn more about the on-demand service app and what role a development partner would play around consulting on the tech framework – tools and features needed. This would be along with brainstorming, validation and testing of your idea to assess its full potential.

Location-Based App Development

Today, geolocation technology is present in 90% of smartphones to deliver highly personalized recommendations to global users. However, location-based app development helps deliver so much more than simple local discovery. Here’s how we can help you build an app for a specific industry:


  • Locate hotels & popular restaurants using current location
  • Send real-time advisories and messages to travelers


  • Easily locate items within stores
  • Check availability of products and discounts/offers
  • Select for pickup or delivery


  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Updating passengers on arrivals or delays
  • Meeting speed & delivery compliance

Health & Fitness tracking

  • Plan daily workout schedule
  • Locate nearest gyms or personal trainers
  • Engage with like-minded fitness enthusiasts while on-the-go

Social Media & Dating

Healthcare Mobile App Development

In an era of a global health crisis, there’s a surge in demand to improve patient satisfaction and provide personalized care for critical patients. Healthcare startups, hospitals, care facilities and medical professionals are working towards healthcare mobile app development to provide connected care and move away from traditional practices. Aligned with the unique needs of your business, here are the different kinds of apps we can help you build.

Healthcare apps

  • Enable regular consultation between physicians and patients
  • Combines telemedicine features like remote patient monitoring, video consultations, appointment management and online prescriptions.

Telepharmacy apps

  • Enables swift & seamless communication between pharmacists and patients to discuss medications, prescriptions, dosage and more.

Medical apps

  • Tailored for medical and pharma companies to automate operations and exchange information for upcoming drugs, medical procedures and more. Learn more about we help medical practices improve clinical efficiency & provide better patient care through tailored healthcare applications.

Fitness apps

  • Helps users meet their fitness goals and stay active with regular consultation on diet and workout schedule.

Mental Health apps

  • Helps with maintaining mental well-being through therapeutic sessions & consultation that promotes healthy sleep & stress relief using engaging visuals and exercise.

With more than a decade of Android app development services experience, we offer a mature outlook to enable businesses, like yours in building intuitive & feature-rich mobile solutions.

Final Words

The decision about whether to build a mobile solution on the Android or iOS platform depends on the business needs and available resources. A mobile application development services company can provide the right support to reach out to consumers with the required functions & features. They can help you reap the benefits of the operating system and global market domination.

Also, it’s crucial to consider the project timeline and budget before embarking on app development. And, the important factors to consider as part of this would also include – assessing revenue goal, identifying the target audience (geographic and demographic characteristics), desired app features, range of devices (phone, tablet and more), app maintenance budget, publishing and restrictions. If you’re still not sure where to start, we can help.

Ready to Amplify Business Growth with Android?

Through our comprehensive app development services, Rishabh will help you scale the digital curve & meet your objectives.