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Mobile Workforce Management Solution For Utility Sector

12 May 2020

Mobile workforce management software aids companies in the utility sector with a 360° view of their business operations. It assists them with efficient management of on-premise/on-field assets & personnel. Rishabh Software helps enterprises to maximize their workforce productivity by delivering exceptional customer experience.


We are witnessing a paradigm shift in business, society, and life at large. Technology has been the driver for this change across a variety of sectors – especially with the way we work.


For the utility industry: companies are now embracing digital solutions to manage the underlying infrastructure, establish new connections, disconnections, and ensuring regular maintenance.

This digital transformation enables them to:

  • Overcome the bottlenecks, if any
  • Gain maximum outcomes while providing uninterrupted services to the customers


Rishabh Software develops custom mobile app for workforce management solutions as per the enterprise needs. We provide end-to-end control of business operations, from scheduling tasks as per customer requests to measuring and optimizing field-resource performance.

Utilities Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Mobile Workforce Management App – A Platform To Optimize Business Processes & Address Utility Needs

Human resources, especially the field personnel, are often the key differentiator for companies in the utility sector, as a significant source of competitive advantage.


And, in a volatile working environment, where a majority of workers are out in the field, the use of remote working tools becomes critical. It keeps business running smoothly by streamlining the process workflow to deliver on customer expectations.


A mobile workforce management solution helps you with:

  • Seamless collaboration between supply chain workers
  • Effective management for field-force
  • Automation of essential processes
  • 24×7 access to key performance metrics

Seeking Automation Solution For Business

Rishabh Software’s intuitive web and mobile solutions help companies in the utility business to ease out inspections, work orders, ticketing processes, and more.

Below is a showcase of our capability in developing mobile workforce management applications that can help organizations to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, & drive revenues.

Process Optimization & Management

Process Optimization & Management - Mobile Workforce App
  • Create/customize process workflow within minutes using a drag and drop interface
  • Schedule day-to-day or on-demand field service batch based on work order type, resource capacity, route optimization, and more
  • Automate essential processes on a custom layout using real-time data display features
  • Allow two-way communication between mobile workers & back-office staff through chat, comments, and other networking options

Asset & Work Management

Asset &Work Management - Mobile Workforce App
  • Monitor asset condition in real-time and update maintenance schedules
  • Customize & upload policy-related documents to meet regulatory compliance
  • Dispatch field-crew based on service request, location, availability, and priority
  • View real-time activities of mobile field workers through GPS tracking & live mapping

User Management

User Management - Mobile Workforce App
  • Manage user (employees, customer, supplier, and more) profiles & appointment details
  • Set automatic alerts for service requests, customer information, route details, and more – to be sent on worker’s device
  • Monitor, record, and manage time spent by the field-crew across jobs
  • Allow field personnel to submit work task-related data (images, videos, customer feedback, and more) through a mobile workforce management app

Analytics & Integration

Analytics & Integration - Mobile Workforce App
  • Integrate with utility systems, including outage management, advanced distribution management, and more to collect data from multiple resources
  • Access & organize company data using advanced visualization dashboard
  • Use predictive analytics to identify potential risks, determine trends, and make accurate forecasts
  • Create reports for a complete performance overview & analysis


Additionally, we also look at incorporating process tuning & work performance modules as listed below:


Learn how we helped a US-based enterprise from the Oil & Gas Industry with more than 500 field agents through a custom mobile workforce management solution. It enabled them to develop efficient work schedules, deliver accurate field reporting, and significantly improve customer services.


Mobility solutions hold great potential that equips the utility workforce to deliver superior customer experience. It is with a combination of on-the-go insights and problem-solving capabilities.


With years of experience and knowledge of business process optimization, Rishabh Software develops utilities mobile workforce management systems for global enterprises.


Our well-thought-out approach comprises an assessment of the current situation & desired future state and a clear understanding of customer goals. It helps address the criticalities of enterprise mobility to make implementation a grand success.

Manage Mobile Workforce Efficiently

We enable organizations to leverage next-generation technologies to eliminate operational inefficiencies, reduce costs, and maximize asset reliability.