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Remote Workforce Solutions To Ensure Business Continuity

05 May 2020

The coronavirus outbreak seems to have changed priorities for organizations across the world. Its long-term impact is driving the trend for the usage of digital platforms to ensure business continuity. Rishabh Software is engaged in consultation and development of remote workforce solutions to foster a productive virtual work environment.


Every organization usually has a business continuity plan to deal with the uncertainties.


From weather to power outages, political events, or even pandemic outbreak, disruptions can happen anytime at any location. Even though one cannot predict the next crisis, but can surely be prepared for it.


Remote work is reshaping the workforce paradigm by changing the way businesses operate. The current state of the world has left many of them to digitize the majority of their workforce. And, while several organizations have formulated work from home policies, modern work practices are certainly evolving.

As a solution, a mobile workforce software can:

  • Connect employees through various digital platforms
  • Improve collaboration & productivity among the remote workforce


Rishabh Software builds custom work from home solutions for organizations to enable mobility in their process workflows.


The scenario of mobile working today

In 2019, more than 5 million employees** across the world reported working from home at least half of their total work hours.

Remote Workforce Solutions

Some startling facts about remote work practices across the world:

  • 40% of companies are hybrid – offer both in-office and remote working options.
  • 71% of businesses believe that remote, flexible work culture can significantly expand their talent pool.
  • By 2022, over 42.5% of the global workforce (around 1.87 billion persons) would be working remotely.


It is evident from the above that the focus is now shifting to the mobile office from physical workplaces today.

Ready To Make The Paradigm Shift

Rishabh Software’s intuitive web and mobile solutions help companies in the utility business to ease out inspections, work orders, ticketing processes, and more.

How Mobile Solutions for Remote Work Management Helps Accelerate Business Efficiency

A digital workspace enables employees to work agilely, collaboratively, and securely. It is with access to specialized resources that help stimulate the remote working experience.


And to enable them to address this, we offer various remote work software development services to companies across industry verticals. It covers:

Building & Deploying Collaboration and Productivity Tools

We leverage modern technologies to create digital solutions based on the organization’s needs.

Workplace Virtualization

To name a few:


Through that, we provide the ability for employees to connect, collaborate, to securely access corporate assets while working remotely and making collective decisions.

Real-time Analytics

Our team delivers advanced analytics solutions that help businesses get crucial insights into the employee work schedule.

Employees Working Hours Tracking Analytics Dashboard

The interactive dashboard with accurate time tracking and other performance metrics helps with:

  • Visibility into time utilization by remote workers
  • Analysis of employee performance to ensure productivity & accountability
  • Identification of bottlenecks in the operational workflows, if any
  • Generating custom reports for compliance and performance management


Such a thorough analysis helps simplify the work transformation process significantly.

CRM Development & Integration

We develop, customize, and integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions to address the growing needs of cross-functional teams, especially marketing and sales management.

CRM Dashboard

It helps with:

  • Ensuring operational alignment between employees & their managers
  • Improving collaboration and transparency among different departments

Rishabh Software Helps Build & Sustain a Digital Workplace

As a reliable technology partner, we consult organizations and integrate remote working solutions with their business applications.


It helps them to:

  • Seamless access to required tools & applications just as in office premises
  • Deliver seamless user experience across systems, irrespective of the location
  • Keep critical operations running in a hybrid work environment with limited on-site resources


Enabling mobile solutions for remote working has become a priority for many organizations today. However, a sustainable infrastructure, along with the right cloud-based solution, is necessary to optimize workforce performance and achieve maximum productivity.


Rishabh Software helps boost business productivity with remote working & collaboration solutions. We help implement the best of remote technologies that keep your team organized, connected, and safe through a single virtual workplace.

Wish To Enable Work From Anywhere?

We help businesses to foster flexible, productive, and secure remote working environment while addressing the business demands