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Using SharePoint As An Intranet Solution

09 May 2019

Microsoft’s SharePoint enables the development of modern intranet in Office 365. It is a proposition for great success because SharePoint lets the organizations customize pretty much what they want. The solution is more than just an interface for the intranet-extranet; it offers collaborative work, simplified project management, and effective communication. One of the significant benefits of SharePoint intranet is the possibility of interaction with other Microsoft office tools.


The use of SharePoint as an intranet or collaborative platform in business is a popular choice in recent years. Thanks to its multiple functionalities and possible scenarios, the intranet SharePoint platform is ideal for all types of companies.


Read on as we present some of the exciting benefits of using SharePoint as an intranet solution helps improve employee collaboration and optimize business processes.


Benefits Of Using SharePoint For Intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is the leader in Intranet Innovation, ever since its inception in 2001. It would interest you to discover how 80% of Fortune 500 corporations depend on this solution for their corporate intranet requirements. SharePoint intranet advantages for a company includes its mechanism to improve effectiveness. It is by encouraging innovation, increasing productivity, and eventually improving business results. Listed are a few ways that ascertain why Sharepoint is a great option to use as an Intranet solution to help improve your organizational culture.


  • Promoting The Flow Of Information:
    Developing seamless communication between employees is one of the critical success factors for all modern businesses. Powerful search and file ranking features provided by SharePoint intranet can help you get quick access to what you are looking for.
  • Improve Individual Productivity With Collaborative Tools:
    It helps connect people with the information they need and allow them to receive, create, and organize their work documentation. It could be in the form of information, lists, and additional data. Another SharePoint intranet benefit is that it helps restore previous versions or control access or editing of documents. Further, improved document management features enable document registration and verification, and change management.
  • Effective Document Management With MS Office Integration:
    Enhanced views and menus make navigation easier within SharePoint sites for users to get useful information. Integration with familiar tools including the Microsoft Office suite makes it easier to set up and accelerate without having to learn new skills.
  • Promote Transparency And Employee Engagement:
    It is one of the significant benefits of using SharePoint for intranet solution, as it offers complete transparency to organizational processes. It is vital for employees as they get to view all aspects of the organization’s businesses. Further, it helps develop the right level of trust and communication among the employee groups. It also encourages them to provide feedback and suggestions.
  • Reduces Complexity:
    SharePoint provides a flexible and multi-functional framework for information management and collaboration that is both scalable and customizable, allowing it to match the needs and infrastructure of any business and organization. The administrative controls built into SharePoint make it easier to control the information stored within the site.
  • Secure Your Information:
    You can control the access and security of documents regardless of their level of accessibility. Further, users, groups, or teams can manage their workspaces whose security settings can be predefined.
  • Enhanced Productivity:
    Quick access to information and faster understanding of the information leads to efficient processing of your customer requests. Being able to get a summary on a specific file by bringing all the data together in the same place is one of the benefits of using SharePoint for intranet.

Therefore, to conclude, the listed Microsoft SharePoint intranet portal benefits aim to justify why it is one of the preferred solutions. Tens of thousands of companies around the world use SharePoint; it includes both big and small. It offers creation of incredibly flexible, relatively easy to use intranet portal that helps improve productivity, promote collaboration and seamless file sharing. So, if implemented correctly, could deliver impressive results and will reflect on how your company works. As a SharePoint portal development services company, we can help you develop a collaborative solution that is customized as per the needs of your organization. Thanks to our certified and experienced development team who can assist you in setting up a collaborative intranet solution with SharePoint.

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