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Benefits of SharePoint Intranet For a Connected Organization

17 Nov 2021

From humble beginnings with limited functionalities, the intranet today has transformed into a holistic digital workplace solution. The modern-day intranet boosts top-down communication, engages employees, enhances productivity, manages projects, increases collaboration, and much more. And, when planning a modern intranet for your organization, you need a solution that is intuitive, easy-to-use & can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.

Since it first appeared, SharePoint has been a leader in collaboration & documentation, transforming the way businesses operate. Its highly configurable nature encourages team cohesiveness and improves workflows. Did you know, SharePoint has changed dramatically since then (it’s now called SharePoint Modern)? It features a much slicker user interface that offers better performance with limited reliance on the development teams. So, in case you’ve had a bad experience with SharePoint in the past then please put those aside as this doesn’t exist anymore. Things have changed.

Before we move into the essentials, let’s answer the important question;

Why is SharePoint Good For Intranet?

SharePoint as an intranet makes it easy for employees to work collaboratively as a team while encouraging team cohesiveness and employee engagement. Being an integral part of the Office 365 suite now, this ecosystem offers a variety of inbuilt features and functionalities (including OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Skype for business, Yammer & much more) to integrate with Microsoft automation and AI capabilities to improve the business processes (using Power Automate) and reporting (Using Power BI) within the intranet. Ultimately, this close relationship of Office 365 suite of tools with intranet allows you to achieve a great digital workplace experience.

Factors for Considering Sharepoint as Intranet Solution

While this is great let’s discuss as an organization why you identify the need for the intranet with SharePoint?

  • Information discovery with the waste of time
  • Knowledge is lost dispersed among employees and former employees
  • Excessive usage of email for document sharing and input
  • Limited/lack of business process automation
  • Difficulty in ease to work from anywhere
  • Managing file duplication and lack of control

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SharePoint Intranet Benefits

Advantages of SharePoint Intranet Portal

While we discussed the SharePoint intranet and its adaptability, let’s look at the benefits of having it for the enterprise.

Cloud-Based Centralized Information Access

One of the biggest benefits of the SharePoint online intranet is that it’s based on the cloud. This means that your data can be accessed at any time and anywhere using a web browser. Rest assured, with the cloud, there are little to no chances of your data being damaged or disappearing. Further, your teams don’t have to hunt down files or critical information and instead access all documents with ease. SharePoint makes it convenient for use since it is competent across devices and operating systems. The use of a search tool makes it easy to find any document, file, or document while helping users to easily and quickly locate information – this allows employees to become efficient and save plenty of time. Do give this blog a read, how Rishabh leverages Microsoft SharePoint-based document management systems to help organizations achieve agility.

Seamless Integration with Office 365 & Other Systems

This is one of the important capabilities of Sharepoint to assimilate it with other Microsoft tools and more so, without the help of development team support. The enhanced views and menu make navigation easier within SharePoint sites for users to get useful information. The integration with Yammer feeds, Teams spaces & OneDrive documents are managed by content editors themselves. A close relationship between intranet and Office 365 suite of tools allows the creation of a great digital workplace experience, while also driving adoption of Office 365 and establishing some governance.  The enterprise systems like CRM, ERP & project management systems help seamlessly carry out cross-department workflows.

If your organization still works with legacy processes, you may want to consider integrating Microsoft’s automation technologies with Power Platform. There are existing opportunities to weave process improvement (using Power Automate) to automate monotonous and repetitive administrative tasks such as approving an employee’s leave application and much more. And, this is not complete without the intuitive reporting capabilities of Power BI. Further, Teams enhance intranet experience. To make the most of the benefits of the SharePoint intranet, it’s important to work with a group like Rishabh Software that can handle projects of every scale and complexity. Power Apps offer the ability to rapidly build custom apps that work seamlessly with your intranet. They are great for automation with advanced workflows while connecting to other company applications.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft has mature security and compliance.  You can control the access and security of documents regardless of their level of accessibility. Further, user groups or teams can manage their workspaces whose security settings can be predefined. And, while operating with a single, integrated platform reduces vulnerabilities that leak into multiple systems. Further, you may also safeguard the organization’s culture by monitoring employee behavior, ensuring they comply with internal policies.

Transparent and Drives Employee Engagement

Intranet with Sharepoint allows employee groups to view all aspects of an organization while establishing trust and communication between them and the employing organizations. This opens up more opportunities for the employees to feel and become more engaged with the organization and provide feedback.

Enterprise Solutions to Consider with Intranet Portal

The Sharepoint portal can simplify accessibility by including other enterprise solutions. If done right, think about the impact it could have on the work environment.

Here are three major enterprise solutions that are built on SharePoint that could be integrated with your SharePoint intranet portal.

Project Management Solution

The success of project management practices is the deciding factor behind the secret of all major companies. And, while project managers have a great role in making this happen, it is also a matter of empowering them with the right tools. A project management solution that leverages Office 365 and SharePoint ensures seamless project management to help businesses meet & achieve the objectives.

Listed are some of the amazing features you can expect with the SharePoint-based project management solution.

  • Task & Task Management
  • Custom Access Control
  • Instant Feedback Options
  • Unique and Customizable
  • Client Request Management

The solution effectively avoids the complexity of conventional project management and its confusing workflows. It enables managers to stay on track with the projects and ensure proper execution of the projects. All of this to improve their success rates.

Learning Management System

Remote work during the pandemic era has brought the shift with a mix of all major activities in an organization between virtual & on-site platforms. We’re continuing to witness additional investment by companies in developing intuitive digital learning platforms. They enable streamlining the company’s training processes and help them focus on employee training. For employees, the learning module helps them achieve more and be more productive from day one. Also, training new resources doesn’t have to be a painful task. And, neither does it have to be time-consuming nor a burden on the finance.

From our experience, here are some of the amazing features of a learning management system;

  • Easy Learning
  • Reporting and Tracking
  • Content Friendly Architecture
  • Gamification
  • User-defined Access Control
  • Custom Notifications

Help Desk Software

Yet again, during and post-pandemic, we’ve witnessed innovations in help desk software development. Though, the fundamental rule still holds where customer satisfaction is the deciding factor in building a company’s reputation. A SharePoint help desk software proves to be the best tool for your customer support team to streamline the processes. This helps the organizations to stay on top of the customer support tasks and activities.

Take a look at some of the exciting features that a modern SharePoint help desk software can offer;

  • Automatic Ticket Creation
  • Task Management
  • Customized Dashboard & Report Generation
  • Integrated Asset Management Capabilities

Do give this blog a read and discover how Rishabh Software can help develop SharePoint helpdesk solutions to benefit businesses.

To Conclude

MS SharePoint keeps raising the bar to make its platform optimized to suit future user requirements. So, if you’re an organization that gives priority to the employee & workplace experience yet are concerned about the extended implementation time of the intranet, a ready-to-go intranet like Sharepoint Intranet is a perfect choice. The next-gen features & upgrades on functionalities help boost internal communications, employee engagement, and collaborations that make it the best choice for any organization globally. As an experienced SharePoint development company, we can help you build custom solutions as per your business requirements.

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