7 Crucial Digital Transformation Trends For 2017 [Infographic]

02 Jun. 2017 Trending

For a couple of years now, enterprises have undertaken the digital transformation efforts by way of using cloud services, data analytics, mobile, IoT and other technologies. While many have successfully embraced digital transformation, others have lagged at using data and right set of technologies to transform their organization. A Forbes research reveals that while 44 percent of organizations foresee themselves to be advanced in data and analytics, more than 90 percent of them have already seen increased revenue due to its implementation.

In 2017, enterprise digital transformation will continue to gain traction helping businesses to improve and accelerate processes and build upon what has already been achieved. However, they must understand that DX is not only about technology. It is more about reshaping of how the individuals operate, breaking down the silos and broadening the scopes of various roles and processes within the organization. It requires careful planning, seamless collaboration and inclusion of all the departments. If you’re planning to enable successful digital transformation, check out the infographic below highlighting top seven digital transformation trends.

top trends for digital transformation

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