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Introducing Our New Power Platform Capabilities

12 Oct 2021

Rishabh Software now offers a unique experience with Microsoft Power Platform, being one of its early adopters for development & automation. Get ready to transform the way your business acquires data, analyzes it, runs operations & serves customers with us.

Microsoft Power Platform is like the Marvel’s Fantastic Four! This comprehensive suite of services combines the forces of 4 distinct tools with complementary superpowers. When these game-changing capabilities are integrated with other MS capabilities such as Azure, Office 356, SharePoint, or Dynamics 365, businesses can build & deliver sophisticated solutions swiftly & cost-effectively.

Rishabh empowers enterprises to extract optimum potential of this low-code technology to automate operations, unlock profitable insights, digitize workflows & deliver feature-rich apps – all with absolute ease.

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Apps

Turn business ideas into enterprise solutions that solve challenges

Develop custom no-code apps that run natively across the web, mobile, desktop, or any standalone device. Our proficient development team can assist you with developing immersive model-driven apps that enhance the overall efficiency of your business.

Power Automate

Accelerate workflows across enterprise apps, systems & services

Orchestrate your existing mobile apps and software solutions to put your mundane, time-consuming tasks on autopilot mode. We can help you design and implement time-saving workflows that harness the power of AI & RPA to boost productivity, cut costs & increase profits.

Power BI

Make intelligent, informed decisions with data-driven insights

Unify data across the board & extract impactful insights in real-time.
With our Power BI development services, we can help you build intuitive dashboards and on-demand custom reports using data visualization

Power Virtual Agents

Build conversational bots to engage employees & serve customers

Free up your chat reps to focus on high-value customer interactions & let a virtual agent answer their queries 24/7/365. Our skilled developers can help you build intelligent bots much faster with almost no coding! These conversational chatbots can be added anywhere – to your website, business app, or social channels to keep your business accessible to customers even beyond business hours!

Rishabh Software is backed by a team of experienced developers & multi-domain specialists from our MS Center of Excellence to develop and deploy low-code projects that serve business needs. Having delivered profitable business solutions based on Microsoft Tech for two decades now, we’re here to guide you on your digital transformation journey, every step of the way.

Make The Most Of Low-code Development

With MS Power Platform Suite, analyze data, design solutions, automate workflows and build virtual bots swiftly & economically!