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Mobile Development Challenges and How to Overcome

24 Jun 2013

The mobile application development industry is moving at an unprecedented pace. Among all the mobile apps that are being developed recently, there is a huge challenge of finding the right scope, market, target group and the platform/version to deploy an app.


Here are some of the common challenges in mobile application development that companies faces and some pointers on how not to fall in this pit of doom.


  1. Deciding the platform: This is the first and foremost part you need to be careful about. Many mobile app development companies or mobile application developers fail to recognize the compatibility of their application and this is where things go bad. You need to be 100% sure of whether your app will be for an Android or an iOS platform.If you’re sure about Android, be careful as different versions of Android may lead to new mobile development challenges and errors while running them, ultimately leading to your app’s failure. We recommend you to first check, re-check and deploy it for testing among different platforms or the platform of your choice to find out the bugs in order to fix them.
  2. First check it, be assured, and then launch it: You should be 100 percent sure about the working conditions of your app before you launch it. There have been failure examples wherein they have announced the launch but haven’t really finished working on it.So the best thing is to check your app’s working, its quality and compatibility. Post-testing, once you and your development team are assured that everything is in place, make a press announcement and release it for the global audience.
  3. Customer Appeal & Review: If you’re a mobile app development company or a mobile app developer, you might get initial reviews and feedback on your app which is good in a way. However, you should not always take consumer suggestions into consideration. For instance, you get a suggestion to add certain features to your app, which may appeal to just one or two percent of your customers while the other 98% might still be happy with your app.Adding a new feature might not only prove to be costly but also risky as it is possible that the other 98% may not be happy with the change. Reviews must be taken seriously but changes must be done only after planning, research, thinking and running it over with other tech experts and app users.

The aforementioned points are some of the common challenges that lead to failure of a mobile application development team’s efforts. You need to be alert to the market trends and likes-dislikes of the audience. You should also be absolutely clear about the purpose your mobile app is going to serve the public. If all these points are clear, your mobile app development task is sure to be a blockbuster success.

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