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Competency and Commitment

27 Jun 2011

Competency and commitment are an integral part of an organisation’s workforce and both have to go hand in hand for the organisation to scale up.

Competencies: They are the skill and attitudes demonstrated by employees in order to perform specific tasks efficiently and effectively. Skills like Courage, Faith, Self-Respect, and Focus of mind with calmness and strength etc.

Commitment: It is the attitude of sincere and dedicated focus on purpose. This is an act of binding oneself to a course of action. Commitment is a message that makes a Pledge. Attitudes like Execution of work, sense of responsibility, etc.

In this article I have tried to categorize individuals with reference to their competency and commitment.

The Four Types of People based on their competency and commitment

All of us are capable with competency of varying degrees to perform a task and also commitment of divergent intensity to complete an assignment. People can be broadly categorized into four types based on their competency and commitment. People may be of

  • Low Competency and Low Commitment
  • Low Competency and High Commitment
  • High Competency and Low Commitment
  • High Competency and High Commitment

People with low competency and low commitment

“They are like colourless and odourless flowers”

This segment needs over-all development of competency as well as commitment. These people can’t be entrusted with high responsibility. They need constant monitoring, guidance and course of correction. They retard organization’s progress if left over to their own style of working thus impacting the organization.

A well laid Personal Improvement Plan for couple of months along with multiple trainings pertaining to task ownership and interpersonal skills will help the individuals overcome the shortcoming

People with Low Competency and High Commitment

“They are like colourless flowers with excellent fragrance.”

These are typically workaholics who work very hard. but may not get success easily due to lack of competency. These people need smart and effective working to promote their growth quickly. Their Low competency does not make them shining stars and are often useful only to accomplish routine and repetitive matters. They cannot be readily spotted, but can be noted for their commitment only when one observes them very closely.

Such category of people has to be identified and multiple training sessions has to be organized to overcome the lack of competency. This category of people can be easily pulled to ‘People with High Commitment and High Competency’ if proper training is given to them.

People with high competency and low commitment

“They are like flowers with beautiful colours but without fragrance.”

These people are extra ordinarily brilliant and have high competency. But their commitment lies elsewhere. Their charismas of competency readily brings them into lime light but by coming nearer to them and observing them closely, one can notice that they do not have the commitment. It is very important for an organisation to identify such people and trainings related to assignment ownership and sense of responsibility has to be given.

People with high competency and high commitment

“They are like flowers with beautiful colours and excellent fragrance.”

These people can be called ‘Star Performers’ of the organisation. They are those people who are blessed with gift of god to the organisation. Their competency makes them shine in lime light and people who come near to them can clearly perceive their abilities of commitment. Such people are the invaluable asset for the organization and a small motivation and timely training can make them affluent leaders.

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