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Life and Work in Vadodara: An Emerging City of India

14 Apr 2014

Work – life balance is the key to being happy and successful but achieving the balance is one of the biggest challenges. A lot of people today are having a difficult time finding balance in their lives because of the economic turmoil and its cutbacks.
It should not be the fear of loosing your job, but the excitement of learning something new and working on something you love that drives you to work everyday. A healthy mix of work and personal life is essential to be successful. Our city, Vadodara, and working at Rishabh Software provide that very platform to you.


You must be wondering about what’s unique about Vadodara and its culture?


Well, Vadodara, also known as Baroda, is the third largest city in the Indian State of Gujarat. It is strategically located with great accessibility to Mumbai and Delhi via both the railway line and national highway and hence has been known the Gateway to the Golden Quadrilateral.


Vadodara, one of the safest cities in India, boasts of a growing population upward of 1.6 million people. It is the site of the Lakshmi Vilas Palace belonging to the royal Gaekwad dynasty of the Marathas. It is also the home of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, which is the largest university in Gujarat. Major industries include petrochemicals, engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics and Forex.

Why Vadodara?


Vadodara is an ideal place for you with its vast diversity of people and strong infrastructure. Vadodara is also one of India’s most cosmopolitan cities. With the vision and broadmindedness of the Gaekwads, the subsequent industrialization, the proliferation of academic activities and a strategically important geographical location, Baroda has welcomed a wide variety of people from all over India and also from all over the world.


Here’s a list of India’s best cities and why they made it to the list. Vadodara ranks as the best emerging city in India. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/india-best-cities-winners-and-why-they-made-it-survey/1/251350.html

Why Rishabh Software?

Rishabh Software is one of the oldest and largest IT organization headquartered in Vadodara. It is also a CMMI level 3 software development company and certified by ISO:9001 & ISO:27001 standards. Rishabh Software has close to 500 employees, and offers services like Software development, Engineering Services & Business Processing services to its global customers.


Career Opportunities at Rishabh Software

Rishabh Software values trust, integrity and commitment to excellence. Rishabh provides a challenging, encouraging and open work environment to help its employees stretch their boundaries with the right amount of guidance. The organization also gives high importance to relationships and this reflects in the way the company responds to its customers and interacts with the employees.


Rishabh not only invests in technology but also invests in its people, through continuous training and development activities, because they are our true assets. By investing in our staff, we empower them to provide our clients with the best possible solutions.


Opportunities at Rishabh Software enable each individual employee to grow both at a professional level as well as at personal. The organization implements best training practices to keep Rishabh’s employees on par with the best professionals in the field.


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