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Mobile App Design Best Practices Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

25 Apr 2016

The origin of smartphones has given rise to the mobile design industry. Today, smartphones have become so popular that the sales of desktops and laptops are largely diminishing. Realizing the value of this medium, advertisers are taking full advantage of it by offering products and services via mobile applications.


Facts about mobile app usage show that “Users of larger mobile phones tend to return to a mobile app 38% more often, presumably because of good mobile app design.” With the soaring mobile app usage, more people are turning towards their portable devices to entertain themselves, shop online, book a table at a restaurant, book seats at a cinema, make payments, and a lot more. But the fact that developers should take into account is what mobile app design best practices they’re following.


Due to the surge in mobile popularity, the demand for a high-quality mobile app has also increased. And to develop apps with a native user interface (UI), developers must have a goal-driven design in place. So, take a look at the below infographic that covers the checklist for mobile app design to help you develop great web apps.


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