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PhoneGap or Titanium? A Quick Guide for Enterprises

27 Aug 2014

Business startups as well as enterprises aim to effectively build high performing, low cost and time efficient mobile apps. Today, cross-platform development plays a big role in delivering consistent and good user experience across multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and other platforms.


To enable cross-platform app development, there are essentially two strategies:


  1. Use Adobe PhoneGap/Cordova to create mobile apps by using an embedded browser control and write a web app wrapped as a native app
  2. Use Appcelerator’s Titanium as a cross-platform tool to create native apps


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Both are open-source frameworks that help Titanium and PhoneGap expert easily create apps on multiple platforms, as developing a single native application for each platform is an expensive affair. Both the platforms play an important role for rapid multi-platform application development. However, there are some key differences that needs to be considered before choosing the right mobile development tool. Let’s look at the table below for a quick comparison between the two best multi-platform app development frameworks.

PhoneGap vs Titanium

PhoneGap Titanium
Architecture Built for Web App (HTML5) Built for Native App (JavaScript)
Look & Feel Web View Only Native View as per the mobile platform
Flexibility Web Only Native
Data Storage localstorage, IndexedDB and WebSQL SQLite embedded database
Code Reusability Write Once, Run Anywhere Write code for specific platform
Supported Mobile Platforms
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry OS
  • Windows Phone
  • Android
  • iOS
Supported Programming Language
  • Ruby
  • Objective C
  • Scala
  • Ruby
Customization Level Easy Moderate
Debugging Easy Difficult
License Apache License GPL
Programming Difficulty Level Intermediate Advanced
Target Users
  • App Developers
  • Embedded System
  • iOS Development
  • App Developers
Documentation Level Detailed Detailed
Developer Community High Moderate
Type of Use Free Free & Enterprise
UI Performance Medium (due to Web) High (due to Native)
Cost Free Free but limited, Enterprise Edition


After looking through the above comparison, the purpose of PhoneGap development is to allow HTML-based web applications to be deployed installed as native applications. Similarly the goal of Titanium application development is to create high level, cross-platform JavaScript runtime apps. Both the platforms are an ideal choice to develop cross-platform or hybrid applications for smartphones.


Before choosing the platform – PhoneGap or Titanium, we recommend our clients to thoroughly analyze their mobile strategy and understand the products needs first. Rishabh Software then helps the client develop the cross-platform mobile app using the best mobile development platform or framework. We ensure that the best practices for mobile app development are carried out to deliver quality mobile apps, helping our customers achieve their business goals.

Rishabh Software – An Ideal Mobile App Development Partner

  • 50+ team of certified mobile app developers
  • 5+ years of experience in multiple development frameworks like PhoneGap & Titanium
  • 50+ apps deployed for various App stores
  • Quick turnaround time with agile development


We help you achieve your enterprise goals by building hybrid apps or multi-platform apps that work across all major mobile platforms.

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