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8 Microsoft Azure Challenges For Cloud Migration And Their Solutions [Infographic]

27 Mar 2019

Cloud meets the growing storage needs and securing the data exchange for organizations. It offers benefits like increased productivity, better agility, and decreased costs. However, moving your data to the cloud is usually not a simple task. As part of this, Microsoft Azure is emerging as one of the most popular IaaS cloud platforms. It is owing to its high scalability and advanced security. Reports suggest that MS Azure marked a growth rate that is nearly double than estimated during 2018.


While various tools and services guarantee a seamless migration process, but moving applications to Azure is a big step for small and mid-sized businesses. With this blog and infographic, we aim to discuss challenges faced by organizations while migrating applications to Azure cloud and solutions to overcome them.

Azure Migration Challenges

While moving their data to Azure cloud, the organizations may encounter critical challenges in Windows Azure migration like prevention against cyber-attacks, secure data access, high availability, compatibility, and scalability issues and more.


Enterprises and industries of all sizes are migrating applications to Azure Cloud. It helps them to pace with the demands of a faster and unpredictable marketplace. However, Microsoft recommends a four-step application migration to Azure as listed below:

  • Discover: Cataloging the required software and their capabilities
  • Assess: Categorizing applications and their workloads
  • Target: Destination identification for specific tasks
  • Migrate: Actual movement


Therefore, what are those Microsoft Azure challenges encountered by CIOs with on-demand migration and how they can best leverage cloud computing?


To conclude, the mature adoption of Azure cloud requires prior development of solid foundations in terms of security and scalability. Further, it involves the implementation of rational control mechanisms of the resources used and related costs. A rigorously executed plan and appropriate technology can help overcome the cloud migration challenges.


In practice, drafting a robust strategy for migration can be difficult, so it is worth taking advantage of the experienced Microsoft Azure service provider. Rishabh Software helps with the successful implementation of cloud migration to Microsoft Azure. Based on a detailed analysis of the customer’s IT environment, our team offers a suitable strategy; it comprises of exclusive cloud-based or hybrid approaches.

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