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Why Choose .NET Frameworks For Robust Applications Development

29 Aug 2018

The .NET framework, developed by Microsoft, is an excellent choice when it comes to developing web and desktop based applications. This framework facilitates the development at a much faster pace with its multifaceted and potent libraries. In addition to that, it helps deliver exceptionally outstanding levels of security. Delving deeper into the foundations of the .NET framework, it substantially cuts down the quantity of code requisite with prominent web applications.


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Other provisions and fundamental features of the framework include the Common Language Runtime engine (CLR), language interoperability, language independence, simplified deployment, portability, and base class library among others. Considering our extensive experience with this framework, we can share pointers around why using .NET Framework is a wise decision to create robust applications that encompass myriad security, performance enhancement, and high-quality features:


  • The .NET application development Framework’s Identity-based security relies on Identity and Principal objects. It gets a total of four identity classes, namely, WindowsIdentity; FormsIdentity; PassPortIdentity; and GenericIdentity. The .NET identity is equivalent to windows identity. Therefore, the standard .NET authorization applies to all types of identity objects (whether Principal or Identity), irrespective of the OS involved. The Principal objects listed libraries include WindowsPrincipal and GenericPrincipal. Any .NET class implementing the IPrincipal interface reveals the Identity property and IsInRole methodology. During the testing phase, it is logical to break down the functionality into smaller and manageable tasks.
  • .NET offers two critical technologies for desktop applications — Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Win Forms, thus delivering software solutions for every facet of app production as well as implementation. So, in a state of emergency, the information about the incident is sourced from dispatchers as well as the staff that use specific mobile devices and smartphones. The dispatchers then make use of the desktop client application to put together charts, provide incident reports, whip up stats, and give access to every type of data contained in the system.
  • The .NET Framework, besides enabling the development of next-gen XML web services and apps, also empowers the developers with an object-oriented code execution environment. It is, in turn, not only makes it easier for developers to run the code safely but also eases software deployment, and cuts down versioning conflicts along with performance issues. It is because of inbuilt features such as these that enable and deliver a rich UX experience, which is why a vast majority of developers opt .NET frameworks for robust applications.
  • Developers, when working with ASP.NET solutions for complex applications, typically store user credentials with hashed passwords in configuration files. The .NET Framework helps developers to efficiently improve the security of user data by leveraging the safer SHA-2 hash options. Even though .NET Framework is compatible with SHA-1 too, SHA-2 brings in various new hash options to it, such as SHA-384, SHA-512, and 256.

To conclude, .NET Framework 4.7.1 (newest iteration of this framework) further enhances Window Forms’ accessibility by expanding UI accessibility, enhancing display in high contrast mode, and improving screen narrator. Moreover, the selection of such an advanced tool in the WCF SDK allows organizations to improve their keyboard navigation as well as keyboard focus order. It is because of the listed factors and more why we feel selecting .NET for robust applications is prudent for your business.

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