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E-Commerce Challenges – 6: Global and Multi-Lingual Business

21 Oct 2013

With globalization and internet usage at its zenith, it has become a necessity for companies to have a global E-Commerce site.


Whether it’s a retail outlet for branded goods or a specialized service provider, every company, every business needs to start dealing in multiple languages, currencies and systems. No one can ignore the growing importance of global E-Commerce solutions as more and more global players are now cashing in the benefits of international E-Commerce site systems and website.


Multiple languages and countries


There are over 300 countries in the world and is not completely feasible or practical to support currencies and languages of all these countries. The businesses need to cater to only those countries that are using the internet widely and are not strangers to E-Commerce.


A good global E-Commerce solution provider can provide you with a well-researched and analyzed survey of the market in various countries, so that your company can support those countries and their languages. For instance, your country can do well by catering to rich pools of customers from Europe and Middle East countries by supporting languages like Spanish, Italian, Arabic, etc. You may opt for other countries, where goods and services provided by you are needed, as well.


In order to support multiple languages, you need to translate your content into various languages – this includes everything from product descriptions to button text, which often is a major E-Commerce challenge for retailers.


Make it very simple for customers to choose their language by either depicting a world map on the landing page or having several buttons that take to a particular country’s page. Having a website in their language, increases the trust and favor from global customers.

Multiple currencies and taxes


Once you have made your website multi-lingual, the next step is to use the measures and weight indicators of a particular language, support payment in their currencies, provide worldwide shipping and calculate taxes as per their country’s rates.


The global E-Commerce solution here is to either use standard metric or imperial measures to keep the price calculation unambiguous and easy. It is however very important to offer the prices in their currency, as this makes it very convenient for customers to determine the value for money of the product and hasten the shopping process. To reduce drop off rates from shopping cart, make sure you support multiple currencies and calculate taxes as per their country’s regulations.


This is the last and the most important E-Commerce challenges for global businesses today. Once you make sure you have met all these challenges, it will become very easy for you to achieve success in your E-Commerce venture. At Rishabh Software, we offer global E-Commerce solutions that can make your business thrive across the globe. For more information on the same, call us at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form.