Top e-Commerce Web Design Trends To Improve Business ROI

06 Apr. 2016 e-Commerce Development

With the eCommerce boom in the last few years, its become challenging to design, develop and set your store apart from the competition. Over the years, a lot has changed from the traditional approach to putting the products in a grid or list view and have an “Add to Cart” button next to it. Today, businesses have understood the need for personalization and developing a more customer-focused eCommerce store.

In the fashion industry, trends and designs change over time, same is the case with eCommerce web designs. You have to iterate and improve continuously based on customer buying patterns and feedback. Some concepts like responsive web design (RWD) stay in place but there’s always room for new ideas and innovations for web designs.

Latest elements of e commerce website design

Design Elements In An eCommerce Website

This calls for developers to keep up with not only the latest but also upcoming eCommerce design trends. By following the trends regularly, they can stay ahead of the competition and deliver a seamless shopping experience to the customers. Here’s a list of top web design trends you must watch over if you’re planning to set-up or redesign your existing web store this month.

Best Trends in E-Commerce Web Design For April

Create A Customer Profile: Customers nowadays expect everything personalized which in turn leads to delivering a greater shopping experience. This experience gradually drives more referrals, high conversion rates, frequent purchases and a lot more. But to deliver such personalized experience it is essential to understand what it takes. A lifecycle of a customer purchase includes various aspects from browsing the products to purchasing and receiving it. These aspects help you source the customer data including on-site behavior, transaction history, email marketing, support forum, etc. Once you source the data, you can develop a comprehensive customer profile. While creating the profile, you can experiment with different patterns and segments to provide one-to-one customer support. This lets you track every minute detail of your customer allowing you to improve their experience continuously.

Utilize Merchandising Techniques: The theme-based product display, known as merchandising, is a conventional approach which has now garnered more attention. Designers have defined various strategies to utilize merchandising techniques for the site’s structure and navigation. It includes attribute-driven navigation that allows users to filter and browse products by simple attributes like gender, category, size, color and type. This gives the customer a discovery-driven experience, helping them to find products according to their interests. You can also create the customized display table with a shared theme which is fully combined with unique imagery and theme related contents. This will let you build a story around the theme which often appeals customers.

Design to Optimize Accessibility: Optimization isn’t new when it comes to best eCommerce website design and development. Terms like search engine optimization, conversion optimization, and load speed optimization are all commonly used while framing strategies for eCommerce projects. And to this list, Accessibility Optimization is a new addition. The estimates provided by National Federation of the Blind states that there are more than 7 million people affected by blindness within the U.S. alone. This handful of population also have the ability to spend and deserves a great website experience. Moreover, tools and tactics to introduce this trend into your eCommerce design strategy are readily available. There are a number of tools like Apple VoiceOver and JAWS that makes the testing and accessibility optimization process easier. And it only requires a bit of extra time to make your website highly accessible.

Although the above trends seem propitious, not all of them will fit with your website design requirements. Using all trends at once might get your website to become outdated quickly. You, of course, do not want that to happen. The decision to utilize these trends must solely depend on your business and customer requirements.

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