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E-Commerce Challenges – 5: Up-Selling Opportunities

16 Oct 2013

A great trick of generating revenue is up selling products; it is one of the most powerful methods of making a quick sale.


Up selling happens more commonly in traditional brick and mortar stores where the annoying salesman keeps suggesting things for you to purchase. Despite many customers complaining about up-selling, it is one of the most successful methods to boost sales too.


Up-selling opportunities and cross-selling techniques play a vital role in selling products in the ever-growing marketplace today. However, e-commerce up selling is a major challenge for retailers.


There are various means of gearing up your sales and meeting this e-commerce challenge, but the following tactics can help you generate a lot more than you might have ever imagined!


  • Suggest related products – This is the most effective method to boost e-commerce up selling. For instance, if a person is looking for laptops, suggest laptop bags, monitor cleaning agent, laptop table etc. as related products as well as other laptop options. This little trick goes a long way in improving sales. However, suggesting cameras and mobile phones, when a person is actually looking for laptops does not help at all. So it is very important to take care of these nuances while developing the website.
  • Other customers bought these offers – One of the best methods to deal with e-commerce challenges such as upselling is to bring to notice what other customers have done. Most people trust word of mouth or go by popular decisions. If you show them that most customers choose product X instead of product Y, chances are high they will go for X even if it is a tad more expensive.
  • Limited Period Offer – One of the best ways to hasten decisions for e-commerce up selling is using the phrase ‘Deal expiring soon’.
  • Add other for discount – If you offer a discount on laptop case to a customer who is buying a laptop, you are up selling.

E-commerce up selling is an interesting way to increase revenues through the same customer that is already at your online store. Many companies are regularly trying out new ideas and actively looking for out of the box solutions.


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