How Future Business Performance Will Be Influenced By Current SaaS Trends?

02 Sep. 2013 Cloud Development

Combination of various factors is compelling consumers to espouse a new cohort of business applications through the use of internet.

Three principal forces that are driving the emergence of the SaaS application development and the recent SaaS trends include:

1) Expansive recognition for user-friendly and cost-effective services that are completely user-oriented and highly on-demand

2) Mounting frustration for the on-ground, conventional applications among the users because of its high costs and complexity

3) Quick development of technologies that facilitate inexpensive deliverance and development of applications.

Industry Adoption of SaaS Applications

The implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS) is increasing due to the discussed forces above not only among the small and medium sized businesses, but also among the industry giants and large enterprises. The demand for SaaS application development is increasing not only for the front office operations such as the CRM application, but also in the back office operations such as applications for accounting systems and financial systems. Moreover, SaaS applications that are precise to the industries and the vertical sectors are also up and coming.

How will prospective SaaS trends affect businesses?

SaaS for Business

The recent industry SaaS trends are quite easy to understand. The trends that will determine future businesses include:

  • Development of mobile apps that makes it easy for the users to have business applications on their mobile devices, at all times. This will allow businesses to keep in constant touch with their customers.
  • Businesses will need to improve speed and accessibility of their services and products so that users would not have to wait long for availing their services and products. This will have a major positive influence on key business performances like alacrity, clarity and promptness of services.
  • Another important area where business performance will improve is customer service. Businesses will have to make sure their SaaS products and services are always available and well maintained. This way, whenever there is a problem with services or product, the customer would receive instant support.
  • SaaS integration abilities with other software in an easy-to-use manner will make it quick for the users to register with multiple business applications without filling in repeated details.
  • Engaging SaaS ERP with most used social networking sites will make it easy for users to communicate and share the software with other users. This will improve the social performance of the business.
  • More and more independent software vendors and companies are being attracted to the rapid growth of SaaS market with an idea of capitalizing through the SaaS trends. The current trend is being driven by ten other micro-trends including – globalization; commoditization; social networking; web-based application use; mobility; consumerism; in-demand services; reliability or security; operational efficiency and out-sourcing services.

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