Steps On How To Build A Magento Website [Infographic]

10 Aug. 2018 e-Commerce Development

A growing number of companies are going digital with opportunities offered by the internet world to businesses. Reported recently by Statista, the online sales are gaining momentum, with increased digital buyers worldwide mounting to $ 1.9 billion now as compared to $ 1.32 billion in 2014. It is as a result of the boosted online sales that climbed by 60% in this period.

So, whether you are a new entrant in the online marketplace or a mature business with years of experience, a dynamic eCommerce solution is undoubtedly the need of the hour for expanding your sales proposition. As part of this, Magento has emerged as the most robust and leading eCommerce platform for businesses of all sizes. It helps Magento Developers with reducing the technology gap and enables them with the seamless creation of eCommerce web portals with extensions for the customers’ every need which might not be possible by other platforms.

Creating and managing an enterprise level eCommerce website is comfortable with Magento Website Development. The below infographic lists the required steps to create a new site in Magento.

How to Create a Magento Website

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Conclusion – Backed up with a robust community of developers, making an eCommerce website with Magento to suit all your existing and future business needs.

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