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Rishabh Software To Host A Webinar On Xamarin: Reducing Your Mobile App Development Costs

13 Aug 2018

The webinar titled Reducing Mobile App Development Costs with Xamarin will demonstrate how to align your mobile app development budget and optimize costs using cross-platform development approach.


San Jose, US — August 13, 2018 – Rishabh Software, a digital transformation, and solutions company will host a webinar – “Reducing Your Mobile App Development Costs with Xamarin” to help start-ups, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized organizations optimize their budget by leveraging cross-platform mobile app development approach.


Scheduled for August 29, 2018, 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 3 PM GMT, the webinar will discuss the various cost dependencies and how to overcome them while developing a mobile app, and how Xamarin cross-platform technology can help achieve cost optimization.


Demand is high for interactive mobile applications. Moreover, for companies to stay competitive creating multiple native mobile apps is an incredibly complicated, time-consuming and cost-intensive task. As it requires the development, testing, and maintenance across the mobile operating system. Further compounded by app complexity, dynamic release cycles, device fragmentation, and elevated user expectations.


Xamarin helps developers build versions that are native to each kind of multi-device native apps. It helps reduce the cost as it allows the developers to work hassle-free with a single coding language and a unique Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) for mobile app development across multiple platforms. As otherwise, the developers with proficient skills in Objective-C can work with Apple Apps, Java can work with Android apps and C# for creating Windows apps. Using Xamarin further reduces cutting down the number of developers, reduces the extraneous steps, and eventually saves the time required for app creation.


“In the last few years, iOS & Android have rapidly captured the mobility market, and enterprises are looking to expand their business by developing mobile apps for both the mobile platforms and increase their user base. Developing native app is cost & time intensive, and that’s where Xamarin cross-platform mobile app development takes the giant leap,” said Raju Shah, CEO – Rishabh Software. “Our channel partnership program focuses on empowering enterprises leverage Xamarin technology to implement write once and deploy across all platforms – Android, iOS or Windows. It reduces the development time to achieve faster got-market, and not just saves costs,” he added.


The webinar will help explore the various nuances of cross-platform app development, by providing guidance with a live demo showcase of our customer’s mobile app built using Xamarin, and answer your focused questions.


For registration, please visit here to learn more about the session.


About Rishabh Software:
Rishabh Software is an ISO:9001, ISO:27001 enterprise providing software, mobile development, and testing services for building and deploying Microsoft applications, Web-based applications, Web services and integration, Workflow applications, E-commerce frameworks and Mixed-mode applications (pre .NET and .NET technologies, .NET with third-party components). We operate from offices in the US, UK & India with a team of close to 500 employees, successfully executing 1000+ projects globally.