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Tips for Secure Mobile Application Development

11 Apr 2014

Smartphones are a powerful platform for the enterprise, with new & more mobile apps launching the market each day. With this fast-moving period of innovation and efficiency, is security filling the gap?


Today, developing a mobile app that is secure in the advancing technological culture is of prime importance, as apps and mobile devices rely on enterprise data — including contact information, email, documents, photos, and can be vulnerable to digital attacks, breaches, and real-time hacking. We are sharing a few mobile app security tips here in this article.


Technology is evolving at a greater pace and with it, has come an era of mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are popular amongst people and more mobile apps hit the market each day. The growth of mobile app development has, however, brought along with it various security issues. For developers, it is of highest importance to develop mobile applications that are secure for its users.


Developing a secure mobile app has become a priority for enterprises


Each mobile app is different and hence requires a different security measure based on the data it uses and extracts. Hence, developers should adopt data security practices that are flexible and apply to various apps developed.

Mobile App Security Tips

  1. Data Collection and Security

  2. Enterprise mobile app developers generally have a set of rules and regulations in place, but many a times lack focus on ‘mobile app security’. In each organization, there should be set security standards and guidelines with respect to mobile application development. Organizations need to ensure that these standards and guidelines are maintained and implemented by developers.


    Secondly, security of the mobile app developed should not be dependent on a third party such as the mobile device manufacturers or OS providers. Developers should be careful with the data they collect as well. Once the data is not required, it should be deleted. For secure mobile app development, developers possess the final line of defense.

  3. Knowledge of Mobile Platforms

  4. Mobile apps are developed on various platforms, and each has its own APIs providing platform-specific security features. Hence, having in-depth knowledge of the platform for which the app is being developed and adopting the code accordingly is extremely important. Although there are inbuilt mobile application security features in the platform, developers should understand and implement them properly for developing a secure mobile app.

  5. Design or Architecture Testing

  6. Developers should understand the associated risks with mobile applications and its impact on the organization. Hence, a thorough design and architecture review of the mobile app should be conducted with the thread modeling technique. This helps in uncovering potential risks before the mobile app is actually deployed.

  7. Manual Verification

  8. After the design and architecture, testing is conducted; manual verification should also be carried out for establishing mobile app security. The scope and level of manual verification can be determined on the basis of the amount of potential risk posed by the app. Another factor that will determine multiple levels of verification are the application size and complexity. The verification will be conducted through iterative code reviews and penetration testing.

  9. Dynamic and Static Verification

  10. Developers, during secure mobile app development, should evaluate the mobile code using static approaches and make sure that bad API’s are not triggered. They should also make sure that the other mobile application security controls are coded appropriately. For dynamic verification, there is very little available yet. However, static and dynamic verification is improving at a fast pace.

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