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Leverage Magento 2.0 New Features To Boost Your eCommerce Growth

06 Nov 2017

When it comes to selecting an eCommerce solution, there is no one-size fits all approach that is optimal for each business. Each solution has its own set of advantages. Merchants may, therefore, feel a little lost when routing the eCommerce ecosystem for an ideal solution.


One way of dealing with this conundrum is to analyze the overall statistics and market share for each platform. Base your decision on factors like global CMS capabilities, reliability, security, flexibility and out of the box features.


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The name that often stands out when you weigh in these parameters is Magento. The undisputed open source leader is now even more powerful and tuned into store merchants’ requirements with the addition of Magento 2.0 to their product suite. Online store development using Magento 2.0 has grown in popularity since its release, and approximately 29,341 websites are using Magento 2.0 as per BuiltWith data. What has propelled Magento 2.0 to such fame?


Here are some Magento 2.0 features and capabilities that can help store merchants expand their eCommerce reach:


Flexibility/ Usability: Flexibility is one of the unique selling points of Magento CMS. Its user-friendliness allows merchants to develop a comprehensive eCommerce solution that caters to their business needs. The open and flexible architecture fueled by next-generation technology Open architecture brings your vision of commerce to life.


Out Of The Box Marketing Features: Magento 2.0 lets merchants push eCommerce boundaries by providing a host of tools and functions that boost sales and augment their marketing efforts. Right from offering promotions, offering related products, up-selling and cross-selling it creates a high opportunity for conversion and growth.


For instance, you can efficiently manage coupon codes and export them for offline distribution. It has the advantage of multi-tier pricing and Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). With the Enterprise Edition (EE) of Magento 2.0, you can configure rule-based product relations and apply categories of products as cross-sell and upsell.


In addition, you can drive customer loyalty and rewards by using Magento EE’s reward point module – rewarding customers for any desired action by setting up rules – from registration to product reviews, social sharing to newsletter opt-in.


Attracting and Retaining Customers: Magento 2.0 has superior customer segmentation and targeting categories, by personalizing their shopping experience and keeping them interested. With access to customer information and insights such as age, location, gender, shopping pattern, etc. you can segment your target audience with greater accuracy and customize their experience.


The Enterprise Edition offers an advanced visual merchandizer tool with a drag-and-drop interface and automated sorting rules. The tool enables merchants to organize category pages featuring best-sellers, high-margin products, and latest products. The visual merchandiser tool also automatically assigns products to categories based on rules and boosts conversion.


Advanced Store Management System: Magento 2.0 includes CMS enhancements like WYSIWYG editor, page hierarchy and simplified website governance, version control, revision history, workflow and editorial permissions. It also lets you archive orders (after a pre-set time lapse) to enhance the store performance, and archived requests are still available for admins and customers.


The decluttered admin interface cuts down on the visual noise with a left-hand menu bar for intuitive navigation. With this version, it takes considerably less time to add products because of the reduced number of steps involved. What’s more, store managers can now control how Google displays the content directly from your dashboard (no extensions required).


Scalability: The revamped architecture and high-performance platform are fully scalable to aid in your growth and PA-DSS compliant to make sure of secure and robust transactions. Additionally, there are features like multiple servers to separate master databases for supporting specific functions, and salve to add numerous salve databases for every master database – can remarkably boost the performance and scalability of your digital store. Some of the following features make it a compelling and scalable platform:


  • MySQL Cluster Support Making it Highly Available
  • Alternate Media Storage support – CDN and Database
  • Strong Data Encryption, Hashing, and Key Management
  • Enhanced Performance with Message Queues

Omni-Channel Persistent Shopping Experience: Customers can now shop and retain desired items in the shopping carts, wish-lists, recently viewed and compared products between surfing sessions and continued from one device to another. A long-term cookie is established for each customer’s browser/device combination, and thus they can now view their cart contents in subsequent browsing sessions without logging in.


In summary, it is fair to say that Magento 2.0 is a feature-rich platform that offers online sellers full control and flexibility over their online channels. Its advanced search engine optimization, marketing tools, and catalog management provide retailers the ability to deliver exceptional shopping experience for their audience.

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