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Features of Magento 2.0 for B2B and B2C Organizations

09 Dec 2015

Magento is one of the most widely adopted open source digital commerce platforms in retail. Recently, the company announced a major update – Magento 2.0. Its previous versions have helped many small & medium businesses to create online stores in the last 7 years. Magento in total has been downloaded more than 4 million times and its latest updates include a number of changes. Organizations currently using this platform may find it beneficial to get the help of an expert to make most out of Magento 2.


Advantages of Magento 2 for Businesses

The newest version (2.0) offers various improvements over the last one helping B2B & B2C organizations to deliver omni-channel buying experiences. In addition, it comes with attributes that will enable enterprises to drive conversion rates and also improve productivity.


Let us take a closer look at the key business advantages in Magento 2.0:


  1. Enhanced Enterprise Efficiency & FlexibilityMagento eCommerce has changed the way merchants plan, deliver and maintain their online stores. Most of the Magento 2.0 features make it possible to operate efficiently and handle increase in growth. The Admin panel now provides a consumer-like user interface that can help merchants save time during routine administration tasks. Also, it has a relatively simple learning curve so new employees can quickly figure out various processes. 

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    Other improvements include the ability to save and customize views in the Admin panel. With this, business owners will get quick access to information that is critical. Need to add a new product? The step-by-step product creation tool and product import features are now 4x faster.

  2. Better Payment SecurityThe Magento platform offers additional security integrations with Braintree, PayPal and Authorize.Net payment gateways. Apart from that, Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 can also be integrated with WorldPay and CyberSource. Furthermore, Magento 2.0 benefits include better security and PCI compliance standards.
  3. Attractive Buying ExperienceseCommerce stores need to be seamless and personalized to online visitors and deliver engaging shopping experiences. This idea is also at the heart of the Magento 2.0 platform. The new release includes interactive design reference themes that help create attractive online stores to ease the consumer shopping journey. Additionally, as an enterprise user, you can display products through integrated videos.Magento 2.0 also addresses the pain point of cumbersome checkouts. The new checkout can be easily customized and boost sales as the customers are not required to perform numerous steps. Apart from that, it is also possible for users to create an account with a single click where the information can then be saved for future transactions.
  4. Increased Performance and ScalabilityMagento 2 has been enhanced to speed up the time it takes to load a page or complete the checkout process. The platform is now 50% faster, which can provide a better user experience and potentially drive sales. It comes with Apache Varnish that caches page content optimizes code to load website pages quickly. In addition, the Magento Enterprise 2.0 version also provides the benefits of scalability and availability through independent master databases.

Thus, with the Magento 2 new features mentioned above, any small or medium retail organization can scale up rapidly and deliver experiences that delight their customers across devices and channels.


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