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3 Best Practices for Front End Development

14 Dec 2015

In an era where the world is becoming increasingly conscious about usability, front end development plays a very important role in the web development process. Also known as client side development, it involves both technical rigor and aesthetic sense. Front end developers need to be expert coders as well as UI designers. Attention to detail and an eye for design are the skills required. Since a website or an app is essentially a ‘front’ for everything a business represents, careful attention must be paid to every pixel in the layout.


Best Practices for Front End Development

Below are the front end development best practices that enterprises must take into account during the development process. They are:


    1. Optimize and Test for Different Environments: An often ignored process is testing a website or app during optimization phase. Many organizations believe that it is time consuming and unnecessary. However, it is important that your website and mobile app maintains the same look and feel across various environments. If companies want to reach as many customers as possible, they need to remember that not everyone uses the same browser. Hence, customizing and testing the front end for distinct environments is essential.


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  1. Maintain Open Communication Channels: Communication is the key to success for many organizations. By ensuring that tasks are accomplished correctly the very first time, enterprises can save a lot of time. Providing detailed instructions and feedback to designers can be a great time saver. In addition, they also need to be told how their design may appear across browsers and devices. Leveraging similar background patterns and tiles can results into great designs that do not weigh down on a browser. Designers can also be shown samples or alternate design code scripts to help them speed up the development process without compromising the quality.
  2. Importance of Correct Syntax: Depreciated and incorrect code maybe faster but it can make websites look messy. Break tags and issues with inline styles are some of the things that can negatively affect the code. Along with class placement and correct IDs, there is no need to use inline styles on your site. Break tags that are utilized for vast layouts should not be adopted. In contrast, paragraph and pre-formatted div tags serve the same purpose. Markup shortcuts can act up in future when any new changes are introduced in the same format, site-wide.

In addition to the front end web development best practices discussed above, it also necessary for businesses to check for any future upgrades or changes. Dealing with HTML markup that isn’t clean and using CSS rules haphazardly may cut down your tasks in the short run but will make future updates very cumbersome.


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