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Mobile Application for Temp Staffing in Healthcare Industry

18 Feb 2014

The Healthcare industry comprises of a large number of skilled professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and many other key personnel. To find the right trained staff is a major problem at times, as the industry requires a specific range of skills, qualifications and experiences. The article describes how an enterprise mobile solution developed by Rishabh Software can solve this problem.


The Healthcare industry, in any nation, plays a vital role for economic development. Practitioners in allied health, dentistry, medicine, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, and other care providers all fall under this broader umbrella of the healthcare industry. Let us take the dental sector as an example to demonstrate this healthcare mobile solution.


The American Dental Trade Association (ADTA) report suggests that the American dental service economy generates roughly $60 billion per year in patient fees and practice activity. Factors like rising population, demographics, technological development in dental care, and easy access to dental services help to grow the economy.

How the mobile solution works for the healthcare organization?

High demand of qualified dentist care professionals has created an intense pressure on the dental industry to establish an efficient recruitment process for identifying the right skill. Rishabh Software has created an enterprise mobile solution which helps large and small healthcare organizations to find dental hygienist, dental assistant, dental front office, or a dentist who is available for temporary position in a particular demographic area. This mobile solution provides an easy and intuitive user interface (UI) to which many healthcare organizations can connect with professionals & deliver efficient services.

How the mobile solution works for the healthcare professional?

Step 1: Download the app and register yourself


Step 2: Add your professional details like skills, certifications, experience, hourly rates and your resume. Also mention your location preferences and work schedule.


Step 3: Voila! You’ll get notifications immediately on jobs available in your preferred neighborhood. It’s up to you to accept or turn down offers by just a click.



For Healthcare Organization

  • Easy access to skilled professionals
  • Manage various temporary job postings
  • Common channel of communication among healthcare professionals
  • Search resumes and view applicants
  • Effective branding and creating better customer service

For Healthcare Professional

  • Easy menu navigation and job selection
  • Customized search and filter option
  • Apply to jobs with one click through your smartphone
  • Push notifications of the latest job postings wherever you are
  • Get the benefit of loyalty and other rewards from the organization

This innovative mobile solution has streamlined the current practice management and solved the need of the dental industry. The mobile solution helps in providing better healthcare services to patients by bridging the gap between the organization & professionals. For the healthcare organization, this proves to be a more cost-effective solution in managing their staffing needs (instant access to pre-qualified professionals) & Healthcare professionals are also benefited as they can market their skills more effectively (minimize downtime).


Apart from having access to skilled professionals, a hospital employee scheduling software can also be used to plan the schedules and day to day tasks of healthcare workers so that organizational and individual efficiency can be maintained.


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