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A Retailer’s Guide To Mobile App Monetization Strategy [Infographic]

25 Aug 2017

Despite the fact that there exists over a million mobile apps on the app stores (both Google Play and App Store), creating a monetization strategy for apps is not as easy as it seems. Mobile apps have become a go-to digital channel for customers across industries. The pace at which new mobile apps are developed and launched is resulting in change in consumer behavior and expectations as well as fierce competition in the marketplace.


Whether you are a retail merchant, a game creator, social networker or a media firm, it is essential for your mobile app to act as a vital and profitable part of your business strategy. However, to ensure you capitalize efficiently in today’s overrun app market, you must explore and create a monetization plan that is aligned with your app and business’ strengths and works for your users. The visual guide below on mobile app monetization strategy explains how to:


  • Identify aspects that can help to determine your app’s revenue plan
  • Understand which app monetization model is ideal for your business
  • Gather insights via major sources of (app store and non-app store) revenue and capitalize on them
  • Build an app monetization strategy that can help you achieve business goals and drive revenue


So, let’s look through!


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