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Understanding Java Application Development

20 Dec 2012

To the world Java apps development isn’t unknown. Java application gained prominence due to one basic fact which is the invention of the internet. The World Wide Web revolutionized the way the world communicated and the technology used by Java is what drives most of the web based applications.


Java enterprise application development is more than just making use of a couple of technologies as it plays a vital role in molding the goals and objectives of an organization. Through its innovative applications built to redefine technology, it brings change and transformation in the way business processes are controlled and managed.

Benefits of Java Application Development


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Java applications come with the below mentioned advantages:

  • Brilliant User experience: Most applications are acknowledged widely all over the world as they are user friendly and interesting.
  • Useful: These applications are very useful and also they can be transferred from one device to the other easily.
  • Organized: The network platform to create these applications are organized. These applications are based on open source and facilitate a planned way to create different apps.
  • Multilingual support: This software provides multilingual support and accessibility with different languages. People from different places speaking different languages can easily connect with this software.
  • Secure: Java apps include security at all levels and there is prevention of theft.

There are various phases of Java application development. It is comparatively simpler and easier to other software application development.

  • Project development: To develop a Java application, a utility class adopting the main class is created. Thus project development phase includes both, the utility class and the main class.
  • Java class project creation: A new project is created by choosing the java categories under file option and finding it in the computer and providing path location.
  • Java source code entry: Java source codes are entered and verified for their correctness and the file is saved.
  • New codes addition: To the existing codes present, new codes are added and saved. These codes are available in the library class file.
  • Java code compilation: Source code saved in the file is compiled and checked for any running errors.
  • Functioning of compiled program: The final step involves functioning of application and its debugging.


Java runs on web servers, websites and local machines. Java powers tablet PCs, smartphones, and mobile devices. Be it any industry from banking, manufacturing, IT services or entertainment all have java applications to cater to their customers.

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