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Learn to Grow Your Business by Leveraging Emerging Mobile Technologies

10 May 2018

Enterprise mobility facilities the improvement of fundamental processes, employee performance, and customer service among several other aspects of operations within an organization. An essential element of enterprise mobility is to empower the businesses to focus on innovation while enhancing their operational efficiency. Enterprise Mobility significantly benefits the establishments of today, which will be worth $140 billion, by 2020, according to NASSCOM.


Corporations are now fast turning towards the creation of a more B2E (Business to Employee) centric solutions. Therefore they are focusing their attention on optimizing their customer interaction platforms, be it for their website or apps targeted for mobile users. In this process, it is essential to consider how the prospective users will interact with your medium and the kind of experience you wish to create for them. Beyond this, even with mobility, there are series of security risk threats. The right partner with an expertise in implementing mobility solutions can help the companies take care of possible challenges which lurk around across all phases of mobile app development.


At Rishabh Software, we believe the businesses are still not utilizing the complete power of mobility. Moreover, only a few of them are genuinely innovating their revenue models with mobility services & technologies. Creating a mobile app from scratch is a lengthy process, and one may think that it is not worth the hassle and stick to a simple mobile website or app platform. Moreover, with the expected launch of new mobile technologies and devices, it becomes difficult for them to capture the market share in the mobile app development vertical, with limited resources and steep learning curve. In hindsight, organizations choose developing an adaptive site for mobile, or they may decide to create an app that achieves the same result. However, that may be a mistake. Businesses are going to fail if they do not change their course.


Are you a decision maker, and want to grow with mobility? Are you also struggling to answer the below points that cloud your mind while defining the right path for success with Mobility;


  • Defining and understanding the dynamic mobile landscape
  • Why supporting mobility matters?
  • What are the real-time technologies driving mobility?
  • How to create optimal Mobile Strategy by creating the right Mobile User Experience?
  • What are the possible ways and means to counter potential security threats with Enterprise Mobility?

We have sounded the alarm, but it is not time to fret just yet.


There is a road to success, and it is here. It is still an exciting time with Mobility, so, if you are currently considering the right approach for mobile solutions or want to enhance your practice, and understand what options do you have? Join us for our webinar titled “Growing with Mobility” on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, for your exclusive opportunity to discuss;


  1. Market Share, Trends, Challenges & Opportunities in Enterprise Mobility
  2. Detailed Solution Demo about our customer
  3. Action plan to grow your business with Mobility
  4. Get a comprehensive “Global Enterprise Mobility Outlook” market research report

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