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Growing with Mobility Webinar Recap

11 Jun 2018

Catch the recap of the webinar that covers Enterprise mobility- current trends & market share, Business Challenges in Mobile App Development, Walkthrough of Mobile Solution built using Xamarin, and Action plan to grow your business with Mobility.

We recently hosted a webinar titled “Growing with Mobility” on Wednesday, May 30, along with our customer WooTravel Ltd from London, UK. Enterprise Mobility as we know enables the workforce to gain instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime. It has undoubtedly established a significant role in industries like manufacturing, distribution, and retail where scenarios like stronger competition, tighter margins, and faster business processes are driving productivity, efficiency and profitability.


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Daniel Southwick, Founder, WooTravel Ltd, and Soumen Chatterjee, Sales Leader, Rishabh Software hosted the webinar. It offered insights, tips, and guidance to businesses looking to build out enterprise mobility with how to approach implementation, navigate the mobility landscape, and address common challenges. The webinar witnessed discussion on the various nuances of the changing world with mobility. The session comprised of live polls, along with insights on emerging mobile technologies, trends in BYOD that are influencing the user experience.


Soumen discussed the three different approaches to mobile app development, namely, the native, cross-platform and progressive web applications. It followed how the various companies address the new technologies for creating mobile apps and provided tips on selecting the best approach that is optimum for app creation. The discussion also focused on the benefits offered by AI-based travel solutions created using the Xamarin cross-platform technology.


As the highlight of the session, a walkthrough of the WooTravel solution app created by Rishabh Software garnered particular interest among the attendees. WooTravel is a web and mobile-based solution that leverages the AI-based travel planning was discussed in detail. It offers personalized user experience and travel recommendations for the unique profile created by the user based on their areas of interest, time, mood and budget.


Soumen emphasized on how Rishabh Software can help partner businesses with the optimal mix of strategy, technology & skilled team. To conclude, the speakers answered questions from the attendees, with queries ranging from building a successful app across geography, IP rights for mobile app development, cost of app development and more.

If you joined us for the live session, a sincere thank you and hope you enjoyed it. In case, you missed it, click here to view the webinar. Subscribe to our blog to stay informed on our upcoming webinars and events.

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