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3 Benefits of Drupal 8 To Digitally Innovate Your Business

06 Oct 2017

Drupal is a renowned content management system (CMS) powering more than a million websites around the world. It holds a 15-year long successful history in catering to complex web development needs and helping enterprises deliver compelling digital experiences. Although the CMS boasts of out-of-the-box features, functionalities, and comprehensiveness, it was often deemed to be less user-friendly. As a result, it underwent a massive overhaul for about five years to launch its most innovative version – Drupal 8.


Advantages of using Drupal 8

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The new Drupal version is open source and undeniably easier, faster and more accessible. It includes over 200 enhancements, more than 1,500 free themes and thousands of free plugins. It is themed using a PHP-based innovation “Twig” (a part of the Symfony 2 framework) which makes the system more flexible, scalable and user-friendly. So, whether you run an NGO, a commercial or government organization, here are three major Drupal 8 advantages that can contribute to the success of your business.

Drupal 8 Benefits for Businesses:

#1 Content Authoring

The latest version of Drupal has made it easier for site administrators and content creators to add and edit content quickly across multiple devices. It features a newly designed content creation page which includes two columns – one for the content fields and the other for optional settings. Its CKEditor has been revamped with a WYSIWYG editor that contains formatting buttons like bold, italic, images and links. This interface lets you modify the text, use ‘drag and drop’ feature to remove items on the toolbar and edit image captions.


Previously, Drupal users had to manage the content editing task from the back end. But the new inbuilt editing in Drupal 8 has streamlined the content authoring process, allowing users to click and edit content on the front end.

#2 Mobile-First

With the release of version 8, Drupal has redefined itself to be fully responsive. Site developers and editors can now use the platform to deliver engaging experiences across desktop, mobile, and tablet. The new administrative toolbar has been redesigned to follow the responsive theme which automatically orients to both desktop and mobile screens. The core themes have become responsive and reflow elements such as menu and blocks.


With Drupal 8, you can now go mobile all the way by creating a website that works seamlessly across multiple devices, build an API to use for your mobile app and edit content or images using any mobile device. In addition to being fully responsive, Drupal also caches and instantly updates the entities while loading JavaScript only when required. This results in faster page load times and better website performance.

#3 Multilingual Features

The translation systems in Drupal 8 has been completely rewritten. There are more than 94 languages available for installation as well as out of the box multilingual features and a more flexible language code mapping system. You can easily translate regional content and implement local languages with Drupal’s multilingual capabilities that can be applied to all fields, forms, and messages.


Drupal gives full authority to developers to build pages with language-based block visibility and views filtering. Besides this, Drupal 8 includes four different modules for language and translation support.


To conclude, innovation is the key to sustenance in this ever-evolving digital landscape. And Drupal 8 with its advanced customization and enhanced flexibility helps you transform your business into the digital form. You can further leverage the benefits of Drupal 8 improved SEO functionalities, tighter security, and accessibility by partnering with a reliable Drupal development company. Thus, capitalizing on several opportunities that Drupal 8 provides to SMBs, large organizations, marketers and web developers alike.


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