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4 Cloud Development Platforms Worth Investing In

01 Oct 2012

With the rise in cloud computing, we’ve seen a series of service offerings come into play. One of these service offerings is PaaS- Platform as a Service. Applications can now be developed on various cloud development platforms without worrying about the cost and complexity of managing the underlying software and hardware layers. These PaaS providers provide turnkey services to developers to get the apps up and running in no time with no infrastructure concerns.

Although there are many players in the cloud development platform market with different levels of service offerings, the top four players are :

  1. Windows Azure
  2. Force.com
  3. Google App Engine
  4. Amazon web services

Windows Azure: Microsoft had launched its cloud platform Windows Azure around 2 years ago and it is still gathering pace. It is an open cloud platform that will help in quickly building, deploying and managing applications across the global network of Microsoft’s data centers. Azure can be called as a “platform cloud”. This basically means that once your application is moved to the service, you can keep your worry of managing the infrastructure running beneath the application at bay.

Force.com: Salesforce. com’s Platform-as-a-Service arm Force.com has a set standard for the development of multitenant cloud applications. Through Force.com, it opened up its infrastructure so that everyone could use it for developing custom apps and building business apps that run on the servers of Salesforce. The benefit of Force.com is that it helps in accelerating the development time of cloud-based applications that tap into the core Salesforce.com

Google App Engine: Google has made a splash with its Google Apps suite of business and consumer cloud applications and its Google App Engine, the developer platform that lets users build and host Web apps in the cloud effortlessly.

Amazon web services: In a traditional sense Amazon web services cannot be termed as a platform. Amazon’s AWS Elastic Beanstalk gives a new dimension to developers to push their apps into the Amazon’s cloud. Apps are uploaded by the developers and the app health monitoring, capacity provisioning, load balancing, deployment details and auto-scaling are handled by Elastic Beanstalk. With S3 the scalability of applications is much more easy and affordable. Another major advantage in using Amazon web services is that no prior software or hardware needs to be installed by the client to use the system.

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