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Mobile Marketing – What’s in it for a Marketer?

08 Oct 2012

Marketing in today’s era is all about attracting the target audience’s attention. As brands figure out ways and means for innovative brand building strategies, the eyeballs have shifted from where they were conventionally available.

Check these stats from YouTube for example:

  • Mobile devices’ traffic tripled in 2011
  • Global YouTube views amounting to more than 20% come from mobile devices
  • Mobile devices upload 3 hours of video per minute to Youtube

Image source:: FreeDigitalPhotos

And all this, as the mobile revolution is just kick starting itself. So, how can a marketer resist from such an attractive medium? How and for what do we use Mobile devices for Marketing?

Campaign Marketing: Just a small screenshot of your campaign as it unfolds to create the buzz around your event is a great idea. A campaign devised with specific agenda usually has a specific shelf life. With so much to achieve in the defined timespan, Marketers can leverage the popular mobile applications which are making rounds in the ‘Target Geography’.

Event Marketing: Marketers are devising specially designed apps for mass promotion of an event. The trend is especially popular in Sports Events and Sports Marketing. With every other major sporting event having loads of apps crafted around the event.

Sales Promotion: You may have the most unique offer for your market, but it probably is of no use, if you can’t get the ‘communication’ to your target at the right ‘time’. Advanced Mobile applications enable Sales Promotion offers to leverage from GPS tracking and Store Location synchronization.

Picture this, you are walking down the street and looking for a restaurant for a quick brunch. There are two restaurants equal in quality, service and all other parameters. Surprise-Surprise both are offering 10% discount. But the catch is Restaurant A has displayed a placard with 10% discount and Restaurant B has used geo-tagging and GPS mobile application marketing strategy which pops up its name on your smartphone as one offering an exclusive 10% discount for ‘You’. Probably, the customization of message would prompt you to choose B over A.

In essence, we all prefer messages addressed to us vis-à-vis a mass communique, don’t we? What better medium to send ‘personalized message than a mobile?

The logic is pretty simple. In an era where attention-grabbing timelines are shrinking, the contact points are reducing. Where personalization and taste-based marketing is welcomed by the market, the cost of the same is on the rise. Where the impact-value of a campaign is high and at the same time, the recall value is equally low. In such a dynamic scenario, Mobile Application space acts as the perfect foil for the marketers.

In the sharpest attention span, your communication reaches the ‘Right’ Audience in the ‘Right’ quantity and most importantly at the ‘Right’ time. This “Ladies and Gentlemen” is the essence of Marketing using Mobile Applications that will certainly innovate itself and redefine Digital and Mobile Marketing in the days to come.

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