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Microsoft Azure – A Cloud Platform of Choice [Infographic]

06 Feb 2017

Microsoft Azure is a leading cloud platform for developing, deploying and managing applications and services. It was created using Microsoft’s constantly expanding global network of data centers. It allows enterprises to add cloud capabilities to their existing IT infrastructure and network through its PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) models. Both the PaaS and IaaS models provide secure and reliable access to your cloud-hosted data and it’s backed by Microsoft’s proven architecture. Azure runs on the computer systems that are physically located in various data centers of Microsoft.


According to Techaisle’s U.S. Business Hybrid Cloud Adoption Trends survey, Amazon Web Services (AWS) initially established its presence among U.S businesses, but Microsoft Azure is quickly becoming the preferred choice of cloud computing platform. Currently, in the U.S., 12% of small businesses use Microsoft Azure cloud platform, while 53% plan to use it in the next year. 44% of mid-level organizations already deploy their application/products on Azure and 39% plan to deploy it within a year. The enterprise organizations lead the adoption curve with 64% while other 32% enterprises plan to adopt Azure in 2017.


Besides developing and hosting applications off-site, the advantages of Azure cloud comprise various components such as SQL Azure that enables database services in the cloud, the cloud operating system, and .NET compatibility. The infographic below highlights some important capabilities offered by Microsoft Azure which makes it a preferred cloud platform among businesses worldwide.


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