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Cross Platform App Frameworks: Stats and Forecast [INFOGRAPHIC]

24 Sep 2014

The mobile application development market is witnessing unprecedented growth. A big percentage of this growth has to be attributed to the increasing popularity of the cross-platform app market, which is estimated to reach USD $7.5 Billion by 2018. More than 80% of users believe that Cross-platform apps are faster to develop and are a cost-effective approach to tap into the mobile app market.

The infographic below gives an overall idea about some more important cross-platform statistics like: cross-platform tools market size forecast, number of users across the geographies, major benefits & selection criteria, most popular platforms for cross-platform apps, stats about future plans for developing cross-platform apps and some of the most popular cross-platform tools. Cross-platform tools are a boon for businesses and developers alike. Some enterprises adopt a strategy focused on Xamarin mobile application development while others opt for cross-platform development with Phonegap. The choice largely depends on business requirements. Thus, these cross-platform stats are a good reflection of its rising importance and acceptance in the enterprise.


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