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Android vs iOS Apps – How To Choose The Right App Development Platform? [Infographic]

12 Apr 2019

With evolving business needs, increasing user demands and rapid penetration of mobile phones, the need for mobile apps development is at an all-time high. By 2025, the number of mobile phone users is expected to cross the 7 billion mark {1} as suggested by Statista.

As part of this, the debate on considering Android vs iOS development for creating a business app is a regular feature. It is vital for every organization to consider, whether they wish to develop a new app or plan app migration across platforms.

We have compiled a list of specific Android vs. iOS app development factors through an infographic. It should help companies of all sizes to realize and assess the potential benefits offered for their business.

Difference Between iOS And Android App Development

A successful app helps strengthen the market reputation for the organization and support achieving their core business objectives.

Further, the platform’s market share, its scalability, responsiveness, and other noteworthy points justify if the app can meet the ever-changing user demands. Also, the choice of OS with reference to the discussion on iOS vs. Android apps comparison for creating applications depends on factors, like target audience, desired app features, revenue goal, project timeline, and app maintenance budget for the said business.

Read on as we try to dig deeper to highlight the technical difference between iOS And Android.


Android Development vs iOS Development – What To Choose?

Choose iOS Development:

    • If you already have iOS hardware (Mac, iPhone, iPad)
    • For generating higher revenue per user
    • For a less complicated development process
    • If user data security and privacy is your priority and you want to reduce the risk of malware

With better social networking capability, iOS serves better for start-ups

Choose Android Development:

  • If your audience is in developing countries or emerging markets
  • If you want to reach a wider audience
  • If you have regular PCs and don’t want to incur additional investment in hardware
  • For lesser wait time to get the app to the Store
  • If you like to customize the app


To conclude, the listed are the key aspects that businesses must consider while choosing between Android mobile app development vs. iOS app development. While, both platforms have their pros and cons, and the ultimate choice depends on the organization’s budget, business requirements, and time to market.

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