iOS vs Android For Business – Which Is Better?

10 Sep. 2013 Mobile App

Both iOS and Android have come up with the latest versions of their respective OS. The question that most entrepreneurs are asking today is – which OS, iOS or Android, is better for business?

Apple is all set to announce the release of its latest iOS 7 today along with the launch of a few new products. Earlier this month, Google announced its latest OS as well Android 4.4 called Kitkat.

Enterprises worldwide wait with bated breathe to see which one of these OS – iOS or Android proves to be better for businesses. In the battle of the mobile OS – iOS Vs Android for business, who will win?

iOS vs Android for business

Let’s have a look at the features of latest ‘iOS 7’ and ‘Android 4.3’

Android 4.3

Restricted profiles: This features is a major change that has been introduced in the new Android 4.3 version. It allows one to restrict certain employers from accessing apps and content on a device.

User switch: Android 4.3 now allows employers to quickly switch between their accounts, hardly a few seconds for accessing apps and content.

App Ops: This new feature, a new menu in the Android 4.3 settings allows you to disable certain app permissions.

Wireless display: Android 4.3 supports wireless display, allowing employers to wirelessly project their device’s screen on to their television. This feature has been made available on devices supporting Miracast along with Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 10.

Wi-Fi: An added feature with Android 4.3 is that Wi-Fi will always be running in the background even when it is turned off, helping Google to track your location and improve the search accuracy.

Bluetooth Smart: For Android app development, developers will be able to integrate a much wider range of low power Bluetooth peripherals in their apps with this feature.

OpenGL ES 3.0: This feature enhances any gaming and high-graphic dependency apps, making them smoother and detailed for the employers.

DRM: The new digital rights management (DRM) allows developers to integrate DRM content when engaged in Android app development.

iOS 7

App control: The new OS allows companies to restrict the apps and accounts employees can use for opening documents and attachments.

Sharing panel: This panel allows IT managers in the company to set up verified apps and block personal attachments from being opening on the managed apps. This feature is similar to the restricted profiles of Android 4.3 and great for business specific devices. However, it may create issues for companies who have adopted the BYOD policy.

Secure network connection: If you require a secure network connection for a certain app, you can have the device running iOS 7 automatically connected with your company’s VPN once it is launched.

App assignment: Apple App Store’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) after you have purchased the app, allows you to assign the same to business users through the VPP website itself.

MDM: iOS 7 has improved MDM services, which allows IT managers to wirelessly set up managed apps, install custom fonts, and configure accessibility options and printers, via AirPlay. Furthermore, if the devices are owned by the company, they can be enrolled in the MDM automatically during activation.

Now that we have the list of features, you too may feel that it would be unfair to compare the two OS versions. Moreover, many features that Apple has made available with iOS 7 are already available with Android. The Android OS always had a strong enterprise strategy and Apple seems to be following suit with its iOS 7.

Only the launch of iOS 7 can clarify which of iOS or Android for business is better. In the meantime, if you are looking for Android or iOS app development services, our experts at Rishabh Software have the required expertise. For more information on our iOS and Android app development services, talk to our experts at 1-877-RISHABH (1-877-747-4224) or fill in the contact form.

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