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iPhone App Design Tips for a User-Friendly App

11 Nov 2013

The only way an iPhone app can become successful in this world is if it is engaging enough, and this is only determined by the iPhone app development and design process.


It is important to understand the iPhone and iPad marketplace these days and for that it is important to achieve the best suitable design for use. If clear thinking isn’t applied behind the iOS application development, then it is most likely to end up as a big disappointment.


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iOS App Design Guidelines

Design that Garners the User’s Attention

The nature of your iPhone app should be such that it sustains itself among the various interactions that a mobile user faces on a daily basis while using his/her mobile phone. You shouldn’t focus on a particular location, environment or situation; it should be designed by globalizing all potential distractions. The visual effects of your mobile application no matter which platform it is being developed on, should focus on grabbing immediate attention of your target audience. Unlike other tools, mobile applications are mainly used to attract users; therefore, the design should be able to entertain the user for a certain, but adequate period of time.

Design that Focuses on Uniformity

Unlike applications that are built for laptops and desktop computers, iPhone applications should be build on certain consistency in the application infrastructure, in particular when it comes to the apps game-play, consistent topology and animation. iPhone applications are built to suit a smaller screen size and offers users an effective and user-friendly mental model which is both consistent and easy to optimize.

Design that Centers Target Audience

To keep your target audience engaged, it is important that you not only recognize your niche but you also know what they are looking forward to; their level of enthusiasm; and how the app would keep your audience captive. Although this isn’t as easy as we think, but if you are exactly able to identify the niche requirements, demands and their enthusiasm, then you will be able to develop a custom iPhone application that provides high-end user engagement features.

Design that Fulfills the Application Purpose

Every developed iPhone app should be able to fulfill its pre-determined purpose and should also be able to meet all the requirements of its clients. Not only iOS applications, but all applications should be able to get the work done for which they has been developed, be it an Android app or a Windows app. Most mobile applications focus on getting the work done in a quick, user-friendly manner; therefore, the application should be simple and easy to operate.


By keeping these iPhone app design guidelines into consideration, you can opt for iPhone app development outsourcing services. Let our mobile application experts guide you through the entire process of designing and developing a iPhone app that ticks all the right boxes to achieve success.

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