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Android Application Design Tips to Create Intuitive Mobile Apps

02 Dec 2013

Android app development is a tricky task and needs to be executed with care. Here are some Android UI design tips for making your app better and popular amongst users.


Developers all over the globe are speedily adopting the mobile trend for getting their ideas of apps recognized. Android devices have a large market share with thousands of apps already present in the Android marketplace. However, users always keep looking for something new, which is where developers come in.


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Some Android App Design Tips That Can Help:

  1. Exploit the hardware

  2. Your app should be such that it utilizes the screen space of their device appropriately. You should also take care that the app provides the user with functionalities they expect.

  3. Easy navigation

  4. Users generally navigate with just their thumb, and so your app should be such that it makes this function easier. Your app should allow easy and quick navigation from screen to screen or from information to information.

  5. Contrast

  6. The app developed may be used in different lighting conditions, such as out in the sun, which is why having enough contrast for crucial elements of your app is important. As an Android user interface design tip, your interface should have a clear hierarchy and display your most valuable features brightly, largely.

  7. Minimal waiting

  8. As an Android app design tip, you should remember that users do not like waiting. Whenever a process is going on your app, it is advisable to give some indication to the user of the same, which lets them know that they will have to wait for a few seconds.

  9. Scalability

  10. As one of the Android application UI design tips, you should remember that your app should be scalable across various screen sizes and not just one.

  11. Uniqueness

  12. There are thousands of apps in the Android marketplace, so why would a user go specifically for yours. For this reason, the Android app development should be unique and attractive to users.

  13. Guidelines

  14. For developing professional android applications, it is essential that you adhere to the guidelines that Google has set for developing an app. However, the hidden Android app UI design tip here is that you need to improvise on the guidelines whenever necessary in order to make your app unique.

If you follow these Android UI design tips and develop your app, you are sure to make a great app.

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