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Future of Enterprise Mobile Application Development

29 Apr 2013

Enterprises have taken up mobile application development in a big way. More and more enterprises are looking at custom mobile application development as a solution for round – the – clock availability, real time data and anytime, anywhere access.


Many enterprise applications have been developed to make data available 24 / 7, provide real time integration, enable GPS and integrate applications and systems. However, some mobile applications provide almost as refined and comprehensive a service as any desktop application.


Mobile Application

Why Enterprises need Mobile Apps?


Many companies want to extend their applications to mobile devices. This would allow their workforce to access real-time information on the go. This would also give their associates, clients and remote employees access to information no matter where they are.


Take the example of a market research firm that operates in locations that are geographically distant. This firm needs to connect its researchers irrespective of whether they are in Hong Kong or Honolulu. The researchers may either need to access some data where they can’t access a computer or need to share recent updates etc. for which they need a custom mobile application specifically built for the purpose.


Mobile applications can also help in other industries like healthcare, legal, sales etc. where critical information is often required urgently. Industry domains such as supply chain management, logistics management, tracking and inventory management, research, marketing management, corporate communication, sales force automation, purchase and sales management, public relations, group messaging etc. are also greatly benefitted by mobile applications.


The Future of Mobile Application Development in Enterprises


Mobile application development in enterprises is set to grow exponentially. A lot of organizations are supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and building IT infrastructures for it. This facility allows employees to access company data from any location at any time.


In a case where you want to give your client a quote and the document is on your work PC, an integrated mobile app that provides real-time access to your workstation can be a lifesaver. Mobile applications help improve decision making, speed up processes, cut down budgets and provide a seamless experience – which is some of the essential features needed in today’s competitive environment.


However, there are certain things that might hinder the growth of mobile application development for businesses. Security threats and low ROI due to lack of adaptability are a couple of them. The key here is to ensure user-level security and adequate training to ensure every user in the organization knows how to use the app. The growth of mobile apps in the enterprise space is inevitable; make sure your organization is equipped to be a part of this revolution.

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